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The Dow's down for the percent of Europe you over like maybe A. As we're discussing this. So can you not now I liked it I don't like that that you've got octogenarians thinking. It's a really good idea to be naked all the time. This is. Not. Saying I know I think what the Washington Post by the way I think they did a whole story on Epstein his lane and didn't mention Clinton didn't mention my ticket was the post. Times but we know the. Cover up is in full effect they mentioned trump who kicked. Epstein Adam Merrill mar-a-lago and has denounced. Him didn't mention Clinton who would took I think it was twenty six, twenty, seven flights on the the Lolita Express and went to the island and the only one reason to go to the island. The same reason Prince Andrew went there. Upside Gis right beside just from twelve year old girls massage therapists twelve year. Olds. Sang. It isn't that isn't that. Isn't that interesting but I mean at this point at this point, it's all in total blinders happening. We're still getting people saying this the governor of New Mexico is still saying you're absolutely you're not allowed to campaign or to politics out in the streets in any way no campaigning though lit dropping no door knocking no nothing that said peaceful protests are encouraged. So it's like the same thing with the Clinton things that they now have blinders on and they are all in there's a fake there's a fake world happening this holiday world happening. And it's being reported on and talked about like it's a normal thing. It's amazing the the. One of the worst things I mean you could you couldn't drop a worst thing than I think it was the seventh John John Lewis Funeral could have been eighth but the funeral they had the other day in DC that hundreds of people fly in from all over the country. In, a small closed enclosed indoor space breath all over each other than fly home I mean it's it's the one thing above all others that the government that these governors and mayors have said, you just can't do you know you can't go to church he can't have gatherings of over more than ten people you can't fly in without quarantining they broke all the rules and the mayor said that's okay. It was for a good cause. It is really exposing these frauds like her who are she's like finding people for going. Outside without a mask and she's welcoming this huge gathering from people all over the country saying yeah. But you know John Lewis was such a such an important figure. We can. You know risk everybody's life. It's it is laughable at this point there is you know there's two sets of rules I know you saw the kids who wrote babies lives matter with Chuck Chuck, which I assume like your kids do in the driveway, right? Chuck. Schumer rains it's gone with chuck. They wrote babies. Lives matter of black babies lives matter they got arrested. Think the total number of people in DC. Who are arrested for defacing property was three after last. Two months of destruction and looting and vandalism. I think three or four people total in DC were arrested for defacing property. They arrested these two kids college kids for writing babies lives matter in. Out suddenly those two cops are good cops. Good cops around and that's that's remarkable to see. You know they've they've been writing somebody wrote in Tulsa I think back the bloom and if. A politician saying it's a racist. It's racist message and can you imagine just back up just simply support the police not even not the police who kill them just the police in general is considered a slur now and it's it's just it's it's crazy because the year ago Gerry I'm going to try to play some audio here and it probably won't work but I'M GONNA try anyway just a year ago remember this. Behind me. A filled room. Of Nine Eleven, first responders. And in front of me. A nearly empty congress. Your indifference costs these men and women their most valuable commodity. So. One thing to running out of. It should be flipped. This hearing should be flicked. These men and women should be up on that stage and Congress should be down here answering their questions. As to why this is so damn hard and takes so damn long. Did. Their. Jobs. Courage grace. Tenacity humility. Eighteen years later do yours. Thank you. Just a year ago. That's where our minds were about how valuable law enforcement was about what cops did to sacrifice themselves of the places we should have in the priority they should have it was a smack to everybody in Congress saying, Hey, you know get your bleep together. These people these people should be elevated. You know in these people should be considered heroes and they should be a priority that was just a year. You don't. You don't have to go back a year Tom. You have to go back two months before for George Floyd and we'll get to George. Floyd. There's new video that's pretty. Pretty revealing. But before George Floyd we were told first responders were all heroes. They were all those TV commercials even know what the product was. There was soft music and showing you know cops first responders going to work in the millis pandemic doing their jobs, cops, firemen first responders didn't they weren't like teachers. They were getting four months paid vacation they were working. They were taking the chances there were I, forget the number and the number of new NYPD officers who were infected who got the virus was like in the thousands I mean because they were out there on the front lines in the subway you know in. Doing what the head to do and when we saw them, we were supposed to cheer applaud clap by them coffee, buy them a drink whatever and then one rogue cop kills one alleged counterfeit dollar passer who was on drugs and disoriented. One, bad cop killed one guy in Minneapolis and all cops are bad. It's sickening a witness every day I don't care them to continue to rates nauseating. I today's show brought to you.

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