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There were to commit vehicular portrayed as a patient what it for visual they'd be to pull together how this differentiated from a normal going to the doctor visit for for boast persians so i built a lot of it into dismay routine physicals just asking the type of questions that media typical you know checkup now dr win ask at a checkup but a lot of the things such as you know things like how uh how your balancing your life how you're feeling in terms of iu overwhelmed and really try to get a try to get a sense of the chronicity so the patient themselves don't really have to prepare a whole lot but it's more about um just an openness and a willingness to be honest about what's really going on in their lives is this a model for longterm care for somebody bug have something that is chronic uh is that something with this would apply absolutely so you know people have asked will who should come and i think it's a relevant to everybody i've had cancer patients and my group i've had people who are suffering from gastritis infertility and even had moms who are really struggling with parenting coming in and talking about how they're just not enjoying their family life you know so every time i do this group i benefit from it as well and that's why i love doing it it doesn't matter if you're wellversed in know a lot about this or no nothing i think it it benefit it's everybody or articles of a passion of yours that's i think very telling that when somebody believes what they're doing it it sir i think that's half the battle for both picked the patient at physician i think at so how does one get a hold of you what's the best way to get in touch that they want to learn more about you and maybe make an appointment sign i met the everett clinic in wooden dhow and if you just go to the everett clinic dot com and we're on the website and our just at the wouldn't they'll medical center and may downtown butter who saw the thanks so much for the very interesting.

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