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And after Ashdod hagan's turned it over twice the first four minutes run of the point Kentucky. The high Washington left elbow. Jumper too. Strong off the backyard of the rebound doubt. The Samir doughty. Auburn trotted across halfcourt still trying to find the range from three point land doughty underneath the basket. Dumps it off wall lightly jams at home penetration and easy to nine five ballgame. Good play by Samir doughty Wylie wanted the ball the whole tired. Would we Travis what to help on the penetration? He got it. Out of the circle j Washington feeds the high posts were Johnson back outside its hero crossover with the dribble about the mayor in the Washington, he'll face up driving towards the basket. In traffic. Threw it away. Nearly got it stolen over the end lines off Auburn and Kentucky will keep it with six left Shacklock, really well, defended PJ Washington went to the left underneath the basket. He was surrounded by three Tigers shot was blocked. He's lucky can turn it over. Euro keys, the inbound Higgins back in the lineup. And now he's got the ball. He's only got two seconds to shoot top of the key jump on the way partially blocked at it. Never touched ram. It's a shot clock violation. And that these three turnovers for Kentucky in five minutes and sixteen seconds. Jay, Bob McCormick. With real good pressure on that shot. Excuse me. Severe. Here comes Aubert. Tigers winter's over New Mexico state, Kansas and that a blowout. Win over North Carolina here on Friday, doughty drives right? The cross board. And they swing the ball around route thought about it three drives into the paint for behind at it's stolen away by Kentucky. Hey, gets frost half court round the screen on top. Now, it's hero on top down low Washington. Good position banks at home in Lebanon. Five kentucky. They left PJ Washington to open on the left baseline. That's an easy finish for him. Vice Brown is off to a tough start. He's got to settle down for the Tigers. Doughty holds right side line. Extended dumps it down to widely on the right block. Now Joppy throws it away over the top of McCormick Cormack touches in the back court, and that will be an Auburn turnovers. It's three turnovers for all bird. Also, they literally cannot afford you turn it over. Asta why they came with a double team, but wasn't a hard double team. It was kind of soft. But they feel they wanted to try to pass the ball out of the double team. He was not up to the challenge that time. Got a brief delay before Kentucky inbounds the basketball of the offensive forecourt. Now it's in. Hagen's bouncing it on the right side right in front of the Auburn bench for Washington. Head of the circle. One touch for read Travis hands off for hero hero driving into traffic. Lost the handle on the ball going up gets it back rose to Washington at a three pointer from the left corner is no good rebound down to doughty doughty driving and kicking. Not the mayor. They come back to the top for pure afford. Fully goes all the way back to the top to Harper. And how they feed the post inside. It's widely turnaround high off the glass, it's good Austin. Wildly averages seven points per game. Got a couple of basket since the time out it gets Auburn back within Ford tough shot bear overreach. Travis could bull by Wiley. Aubrey grabs. Your and for defense and hero has the ball. Poked away as he was trying to throw a high low pass to Washington. It'll stay Kentucky's way Aubert's half court defense has been pretty good scout where they're getting beat his entrenched. Do a better job back and get matched up more subs for Bruce Pearl. He's going to go deep into the batch. As he has for the most part wrap his tournament. Twelve fifty three to go till half-time Ross court pass it a crazy one by hero. Quickly catches it. The three quarter an ill advise passed by hero. Turns into an assist Kentucky is now doubling up. Auburn at fourteen to seven is good individual play by quick. Mccormick running the point for Robert. Inside of the floor. Doughty driving trying to running one hander. But little piece of it. Hero. Got a partial block, the rebound doubts Spencer, wildly back to the basket. Mrs everything and the rebound a Kentucky back the other way. Drills at three right? Bruce pearl. It's a ten point Kentucky league transition is killing Auburn. They're not getting back and get matched up Kentucky is never lost a game this year when they've had a double digit lead. They are twenty seven at all. We cross twelve minutes to go here in the first half and arbitrary to find something offensively McCormack driving left of Elaine tough shot. No, good rebound, rip down by Spencer. And he is fouled as he comes down with the rebound. That is going to bring us to a time out a break in the action with and fifty two to go here in the first half at eight to two run for the Wildcats Kentucky.

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