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What's in the news today? Yes. The golden gloves have come and gone. They left behind bohemian rhapsody as this year's best drama film ramming Malik won best actor for playing, Freddie. Mercury. Glenn Close was this year's Golden Globes winner for best actress in a drama for the movie, the wife and best original song went to shallow. From a star is born Gaga. A suspect wanted for allegedly assaulting two girls in Fairfax county. The incident happened in Annandale Saturday night along Charles Thomas lane police, say the two girls eleven and thirteen were walking when an unidentified man approached them in allegedly touched one of the girls inappropriately and police said the man then try to touch the other girl, but she ran away after he ran away rather after she fought him off court records show DC United star Wayne Rooney was arrested at Dulles airport last month for public intoxication in public swearing. He was released the next day and paid a twenty. Five dollar fine for it last week and reports have suggested people usually give up their healthy eating resolution pretty quickly. So why is that according to a recent poll half of them give it up because they find healthy food barring drew while thirty percents, they even the thought of boring health food makes them give up eating. Well, the report also found that chocolate by the way was the number one food that derails people's diet. I mean think about a chocolate at mommy chocolate at Amami. Is it really choice depends on the day true. Chocolate covered at Amami. Now, we're talking back. Mostly cloudy today. Highs around forty right now thirty two degrees at five thirty two at now in a few minutes when we go to Hollywood, what can we expect in our showbiz? Well, we're going to get a little bit more in depth into the Golden Globes coverage and y Brit me is not going to be doing that Vegas residency after all and interesting news. That's all on the way. So stay with us. We are Toby until early in the morning, and they are imagine dragons just with the view. I was. Again booth. Dreamy bigger things..

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