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No, they hate oxidants welches antioxidants track down, those nasty oxidants find their leader and beat it to a sniveling oxidant pulp in front of all the other oxidants. So they slink away. Like scared poppies, and you never have to worry about them ever again. That's a welches antioxidant the world's toughest anti-oxidants welches. Toughest, grapes. The numbers of confirmed dead in those who were missing are growing. Now, the human remains of seventy six people have been found in Butte county and more on the list of unaccounted for the current list of unaccounted individual stands at one thousand two hundred seventy six county sheriff Corey Honi close to thirteen thousand buildings have now been counted as destroyed Alex stone ABC news, even as hundreds of searchers sift through the rubble in the town of paradise looking for the dead. Nearly thirteen hundred remain unaccounted for the campfires. Fifty five percent contained at President Trump visited California. Saturday surveying the fire damage in Malibu the death toll in southern California stands at three while any loss of life is too many. The president said it was not early that the number was not much higher terrible. But it's also pretty incredible the job they've done they evacuated very early, and they took a lot of heat and they made the right to. Mr. Trump also met with families impacted by the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks while at a summit in South Pacific on electrical supply to Papua New Guinea people. Vice President Mike Pence to questions from reporters on the murder of the Washington Post columnist the murder of travel kashogi was an atrocity. And.

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