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They undercut was very powerful today. We saw when Lewis rejoined after max's super early stop when he went on the website both went for the hard tires. You know, max had a lead of like what 6.7 seconds at that point. Then we saw Lewis carve into that lead, but the reason max had got 6.7 seconds was he pushed super hard on that first set of hard tires that he'd switched to after his first stop. So when it came to that, so not only they triggered early on that one, they realized on the set of hards that suddenly they were going to have to trigger early on this too, because, you know, he was complaining that he was losing grip, Lewis was coming back at him hard, you know, the gap was under three seconds when max had pitted for the second time on lap 30, so he had that 26 lap brands to finish. Lewis obviously went longer, 7 laps longer, the gap was now 8 out to 8.8 seconds, but this time max had that knowledge that Christian Horner said after the race that the tires are pretty much down to the canvas when they took those first set of hards off they knew that max this time should really ease into the set. He didn't push so hard he tried he managed it really to perfection. I think that's what really won them the race today. It was the trigger to get the undercut to get the track position in the first place, and then max is lasting was genius in the way that he didn't push too hard, and then when he had to because Louis was coming back and back and back and we saw the got to under one second right in those last couple of laps, then he put the hammer down, then he just had just enough in those tires to keep that advantage. Keep Lewis behind, because if Lewis had got DRS, you know, for one or two laps, he probably would have been toast. So, you know, that was the mission critical as Seth said they really did pull that off today. It was a great win for Red Bull. It was a brilliant win, and it had us on the edge of our seats until the very, very end. I mean, Seth, did you think that Lewis Hamilton was going to be able to take the victory? Was there a moment where you thought yeah, he's got this in the bag or did you think that Red Bull looked confident and secure in those final laps as Hamilton was chasing them down? Okay, so let's look at this. This was a little hand like I said, this is Louis Hamilton's backyard. He's got 5 wins at coda. The numbers are in his favor to have won this race today. You know, but like we've been talking about Red Bull have come, you know, they brought the thunder this weekend. You know, they literally rode the bull into the sunset. It was a showdown between the two. You know, I mean, and we really did think that Lewis was going to close in. You know, in the last three laps, we saw those numbers start to tick down. We got down to all of Leicester second, just in the DRS range, but just for some reason, the DRS did not open. He was in he was just inside outside the zone, but then it went back up to one second. And that's just that I think that was that it was that thin of a margin that he needed that. You know, to try to close in on max for staff, but it just wasn't able to do it. So it was a big surprise. I think it was a shock to a lot of people to see Red Bull be able to take it to Mercedes and take it to Louis Hamilton on pretty much his home turf. And take a crucial victory that may end up being a deciding factor at the end of the season. As you've mentioned there are a few times, this is what many consider to be Mercedes stomping around going into this weekend. I think most people were expecting Mercedes to be dominant as they have been in prior years. And I know that when I spoke to Alex Callen orchis, or just watch Grand Prix editor yesterday, I said to him were you expecting Max Verstappen to even be on pole yesterday coming into this weekend? And he said, absolutely not. But here we are at the end of the race weekend and Max Verstappen and Red Bull have managed to take this victory. You've said already stuff how critical you think is Charles, what do you make of that? Is this a point where Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton are probably going to start start to worry a little bit that Red Bull are so dominant at these tracks that we are typically used to being Mercedes dominant tracks. Do you think this is a pivotal moment in this championship fight? I think that it will have to wait and see how pivotal it was. It was certainly a brilliant statement of intent from Red Bull to come on to a track where, you know, Mercedes has this fantastic track record as we can see it was only by 1.3 seconds and the lead change in a couple of times during the race. So it wasn't exactly that they came here and blew Mercedes away. However, they did take poll by a couple of tents and they did win the race by a small margin. So it's definitely one feather in the cap for Red Bull. And maybe we'll go to Mexico and suddenly Mercedes will turn the tables back as, you know, we expect Mexico to be a Red Bull track. One thing we did talk a lot about coming into this race was the Mercedes having that kind of squatting suspension, the way that they were able to stall out their diffuser that we saw in Turkey, a lot of that was made over this weekend. Austin is just one of those tracks because it's so bumpy and you've got so many high speed corners. I'm not sure that kind of Mercedes system was quite so effective and again, we didn't really get to see that wheel to wheel fight apart from the first runs to the corner where they were side by side. So maybe these will come back in Mexico, maybe with that system you know, big long straight in Mexico is absolutely huge. They could benefit from that again. So I think this one's basically going to run and run and run and we've got a few curveballs coming up with Qatar, Saudi Arabia. New tracks that people just haven't been to before, they're not race Formula One cars around these tracks before. So it's, you know, it's literally anyone's guess. So all the teams are going to be working so hard with their simulation tools to make sure they're in good shape going into all of these final few races. You know, it's really it's the endgame time now. To Charles's point, we've got some unknown factors in there. But we do know that Lewis is very strong when it comes to new tracks. You know, he has a very impressive record when it comes to inaugural races and new tracks, you know, obviously with coda, you know, and various others that he so that may play a factor into that too as well. But the question I think is going to be how far is rip is going to be. By the time we get to Saudi Arabia, by the time we get the guitar because the way things are just swinging right now, that they have to Mercedes has to find a way to claw back a little bit from this. This deficit because at the time is running out. But I think these two these two unknown factors are going to produce something very exciting to similar to what we saw coded a day. Well, I know that I'm very very excited to see how they shake things up because this battle that we have at the top of the championship is just so, so, so close and gripping throughout the year. And like we've seen, it just keeps throwing it surprises our way, which is fantastic for all of the fans who watch and love this sport..

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