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Off a little help pants free just say hey google to get started sports and walk now to the watch. My name is Chris. Ryan is an editor at the career dot Com and joining me in the studio od ing off that Nostalgia. It's EH buddy our generation. We don't need a prescription for that. We have plenty of prescriptions. We that's that's also true. Obviously we're GONNA talk about the big shows that we talk about watchmen. Amanda Lorient. Mando Green won't greet to see you mm-hmm and see you buddy I was kind of od on nostalgia. This weekend I was back in the old storage space box. We have a shed behind the house. I mean I usually don't like guessing S in there unless they're like in the looking glass way not the looking glass way but are you familiar with Blunt House pictures for do you ever watch storage wars no is that should produce that version of that. No that's a good idea. Those luxuries that tension my point being I found a big box of of Cassette tapes and so okay. I'll be right back. This is where we are now Chris at our life our life cycle. Yes unearth parts of our our life like times we remember are now history and are being like minded for content and so there is a early tends. Well I mean now. We're talking like turn of the century stuff There's a documentary being made about that era and they reach out to me for some like Archival materials wow. I'm our life life as Music people and I was like yeah I might have some of those interviews and what was funny. There's a lot of funny things about it but one of the funny things was is that I knew I had a big box of tapes that it came with music music stuff today. Condoleeza Rice tapes. No no just I- i- condie and I were very very respectful of each other are there. Were no recording device. Okay and I knew. I brought a box of cassettes from from New York and we moved but I also clearly thought I was a completely different person twenty years ago because I was like and I'm sure I labeled them all after the interviews so it's just a bunch blink. Tapes is there a blank blank label. Yeah it's just like seventy five five. MAC sells a quarter of which have like my Chemical Romance Milano. Two thousand six calls but I did. I did find did find a couple. A hundred were there were relevant and I've found a couple of 'em he like when you find things and and and and I actually. I hope we get to talk to Chris again soon. But when you find things that say like Chris Carrabba tape sick. I just came in and did rare room. I heard and I missed it. It's terrible but Tape six yeah right. There's a lot of in depth frost Nixon over here but I did find a couple of things that I that I thought were. Notable one was a bunch of Dj Green Lantern in Dj clue tapes. That I one hundred percent bought at that weird outdoor market next to tower records on Broadway and Eighth Street. Oh yeah there was one team I used to. Yeah I mean. I used to sell mix tapes Kim's but my mix tape spot was on fourteenth and sixth or fourteenth fourteenth and six I I wonder because there was a moment when we thought that mix tapes and by mix tapes. We mean like rap mixed mixed that somehow the Internet was going to make them Thing right like every because there was overwhelming data dot com and like yeah rappers were releasing new tapes with remixes and things and and was like instead of having to go canal street or that one kiosk in Cherry Hill Mall that you can I frequented on occasion sure there were suddenly everywhere but then I guess it fell off because then everything became a mixed There was that there was the drama arrests which I think changes. The dynamics bigs. You're working at the records a whole thing where the FBI they are listed tip on DJ drama. We about this. Why do you think I'm stuck on this podcast because I never flipped? I'll let you know this us on storage wars. There's this guy there's a scene we still do Dave rotund but very excellent storage locker warrior. Yeah they basically weekly like they opened up a bunch of storage like lockers. You can see into it for a few minutes and then you start to bid on the item. Okay I'm sorry to be that guy who last week needs. I had to explain to him and this week needs to explain a very popular long running television show. Yeah storage wars. Is the idea here that the owners have been delinquent in paying. Hey let's for their storage. It could be that they have passed away. It could be that they are delinquent it could be any number of things but either way very familiar group of people come every week every episode to bid on these things in the Sky Dave his style of bidding during the auction is to go year when he wants to like one. That's what he wants it. Yeah do you think that were. He's at the Rose Bowl Flea work I think we if if my storage shed door was were to be the teasingly open even who mentally and Dave just caught a whiff of the of Milano six of the CR six the thirty year old decaying model model United Nations certificates of commendation not even like you one model. UN Thanks for patient Ropy to ucf pain. Is that where you're.

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