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One of 79. Let's do it. In all week, not a five. For my money. It's on the weekend comes like Don't get live with hunt rolling down the street. I saw this girl when she was pumping. I wake my eyes got into the ride went to a club with Johnson introduce myself low. She said. You're a liar. I said I got it going on baby doll and I'm a body. Took it to the whole Sam, he said. You know, the king shall be my queen. If you know what I'm making his last do the wild By what Wow, I'll time while stopping that the ball looking for some gear to buy. I thought it's good still rock my world not had to adjust my lie to that man. Smaller said he had plans for the night. I said, hopefully, things go well, I'll be with you tonight, so we changed it to a house. One thing led to another. I can't do. Go hit the floor looked up and it was a mother. I didn't know what to say. I was hanging by a string. She said. Hey, you do. I was once like you and I like to do the wild by what? She loved him. You know why Wow. Find out time. Please make it every. Please forget affects taking out. It's always hype and with me and the crew leader sends it. I would've drug was just my sight. Storm this message. Little frame. I live. She was fine this way. Young Miss Cole came in ships and I knew that she was mine to the limousine. Still parked outside. I think the show for when it was over, and I gave up my whole.

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