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Start taking your phone calls. Now We're monitoring everything to to see what's coming in. Important, too, because we got a big audience now growing on YouTube that we started the last few weeks, and we want to make sure that you're watching that used to be you click that subscribe button. So you know, uh, your subscribed to the official A C l J YouTube page But you also click the bell to the right If you watch if you're watching at YouTube, you know what I'm talking about that will then let you get notifications like this show is going live. So you'll know each day with J Secure alive is going live. So you want to do that? It's just like if you're on Facebook, a lot of you who's like our page on Facebook. You also get the notifications that our show is going live. So save for those of you who are watching at YouTube as well. And I want to get right to Ah folk calls at 164 31 said. People been hating on the light Jerry in Rhode Island Online, too. Hey, Jerry. Welcome to J Secure alive. A team J. Mr Khama really that well, But the only question I have left is what happens to December 14. And is it going to be you know, produced by the Supreme Court whether to stay or would be outcome. Determinative Palace December 14. I think, December 14th is a critical date another some lawyers that say that that could even be moved. I Perry, you're not. And what is your thought on that, And I want to ask me just precisely the argument that Can. Paxton makes his brave that the Supreme Court has the power because the failure, for instance, to have a full blooded hearing, assuming the validity of the factual claims and the legal claims That are made by the state of taxes would mean that we have an illegitimate election. And so the Supreme Court that would be extraordinary. And I'm not forecasting it. But they could, in fact, delay the December the 14th deadline, and there's an argument of one might argue in favor of that, because the errors that are outlined in this litigation are heirs of the defendant. States own making by virtue of their own unconscious. Tutu sh inal action and you cannot forget that. I mean, this is not Coming out of the air. This is not some technical violation. There's allegations that there was a violation of the protection clause of due process that violation of the electors claws a violation of the elections clause. And there's a great question coming in and super chat from Bob on YouTube and says, Well, the Supreme Court just declare state electors void or could they do something else? And they have a lot of things they could do. They could say it goes back to the state Legislature to make the determination that would be the most likely outcome. That's correct. The Supreme Court, the United States, this binds the winner or trumps the winner. That's not good. That's not that's not gonna happen in this case. They've got tremendous options. That court. First of all, they could not take the cases, Jordan pointed out. It's discretionary. They can say I'm sorry. We're not interested in this litigation. And then it'll be a mess. And I don't know what's gonna happen, but they could do a lot of things. They could say that the electors in the states that are being challenged by the state of Texas or illegally selected by their jurisdictions, go back and select him again Legislatures of those states and void that or they could say, Well, they're they're void. We don't have to have a reelection that the house will represent. It does make the decision. So there's a lot of things that the Supreme Court could do, but But I think that the Constitution trumps the statute. And I think that with the December 14th yes, that's set by three U. S C one as the day when the electors were supposed to meet intellect, But I don't know that what the constant what wasn't the Supreme Court is going to say the Constitution has got to trump that, as it said, As Ken Paxton said, the Constitution is sacred. It's not a piece of parchment hanging in the national Archives. I take that statement very, very seriously. And the Supreme Court will, too. Of course, there's two very important runoff elections going on in January, 5th for Georgia. Determine the alcove who is in control of the United States. Senate. Frank in Florida on line five had a question about that as well. Hey, Frank, Welcome to J. Secure alive by Frank German. Thank you for taking my phone call. Listen, The question is geared towards more Mr Economy about Georgia. I read in the news that, uh juniper do did not show up for the ASAC for do debate was the reason why Hayden will go ahead you can talk about Yeah, can out stink of skunk. And I think that's what they would produce just said. I'm not going to humiliate myself by going against a person who's never had a job in his life. Who's a Marxist who is a Communist who went to the most liberal of schools who went to the London School of Economics? Never got a degree. By the way he attended it, Just like I walked through Harvard, Let's say And so sad and senator produced, saying I'm not going to be little myself by dealing with Jon Ossoff's Who is in nothing. Yeah, I will say this, though, that also John also had it. They did have a previous debate. And it was really, really nasty. And he hurt making a personal attack Your personal ad hominem attacks And when you get that, you know what you say. If I'm David produced advisor Don't get into the trough. Don't do that. Just don't get into the mud. Don't get into the muck. Just run your campaign. I I completely understand Why produce did that wrestle with a pig you're gonna get but all you too. I mean, you know that's that's that's the issue there. So it's a political calculation. That was all that was and but yet Kelly Lawford, just like she wanted to base she wanted to bring forward. Revenue, Wardak so that more people actually saw that Fox was actually covers, You know, cover the debate s so you could watch that nationally. She wanted people to see war knocks, so she made a different political calculation about him. But they didn't have that same kind like personal. Ah, attack. It was war about ideal idea. Ideology s. So then I was gonna ask you about that one. Because obviously, people need to understand that this local Senate race for Georgia is very much a national race. No doubt about it. Hundreds of millions of dollars are gonna pour in and look, I just want to underscore. I mean to me. Both of these decisions by Senator to Purdue and Senator Leffler make a lot of sense because these two races were not the same J essentially producing OSS off. We're head to head there was one other candidate. It took a couple of percentage points that kept both under 50%. But Senator Purdue beat David Ossa, Madonna's off by 2%. I mean, I think he thinks that he's in a good position heading to the runoff J. There were a slew of candidates in the special election on the other side and Nobody got more than the mid thirties percentage. So I think Senator Leffler thought I do need another opportunity to go in debate. I think if I were advising both of those candidates, I would have told senator produced not to debate and I would have told Senator Leffler to debate like Jordan said. It's a tactical decision. But look, J. Hundreds of millions of dollars are gonna pour into Georgia. It is absolutely a national election. And unless there's a change in the presidential outcome, J. It will determine control of the Senate as well as we are awaiting some action to Supreme Court. I want to take some of the people been on hold on the longest cave, North Carolina Online three. Hey, Kay, Welcome to Jae sik. You alive? Hello. Hello there. This is K in South Carolina. But thank you anyway. Thank you all for everything you do. My question. Is this, If is it too early for us, Or should we be contacting our U. S senators to ask them to get on board with Mo Brooks? He's going to be leading the charge as far as if this goes to the house and also in light of a color that called in earlier should we contact our attorney general's and asked them to join the Texas suit. You're in South Carolina. Yes. I think Attorney General Wilson is already reviewing it. Um, So you know, I would let him do the review process or Jordan. You know the politics better than I know how you feel, but I think just let's see if the Supreme Court takes it. Yes. If the Supreme Court takes it. Yeah..

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