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Forth between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden continues. President is touting Friday's jobs report Our country is doing so well was starting to do so. Well, I think we're gonna have a great third quarter. The unemployment rate has fallen below 10% for the first time since March. But the nearly 1.4 million jobs added in August is less than the previous two months. You can't have an economic comeback when almost 1000 Americans die each day from covert. The president continues to tout progress on vaccine development and therapeutics. Debra Alpher own CBS News the White House Cape Cod business owners hoping to extend the summer season not only through September, but Right through October is WNBC TV is Luisa Moeller. After a stunted start to the season, the Cape is trying to capitalize on Corona Sania with a campaign called second Summer, aiming to keep visitors around into mid October. It's a crawl to the finish line for struggling Cape Restaurants, like Boo Villas in province town there were slammed by the virus and a halt to work visas are gross income is almost up to 50%. Of what it was in our payroll is maybe down. 10%, the owner of the Lobster Trap. Inborn is hoping Sonny evenings will keep his outdoor seating packed past Labor Day and through October this year isn't gonna be a record breaker, but it wasn't his Disastrous as we had forecasted. What happens Come winter is anyone's guess. New restaurants or restaurants that were already struggling, aren't going to be here next year. The co owners of the Orleans in say, their phones have been ringing off the hook lately is they attract a new type of visitor to Their facility. There is now some research available on Russia's vaccine for covert 19 years. ABC is Marcus Moore. Early research on Russia's vaccine published in the Lancet. Found it triggered an antibody response and had no serious adverse effects. That vaccine launched before the final phase three trial was completed. Authors of the article note that participants were on Ly followed up for 42 days. The study sample was small. And there was no placebo or control vaccine used.

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