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Cause too significant disruption for student learning. So the district will stay the course for the remaining six weeks of school. They plan to return to full in person learning in the fall before we get to our traffic update Just a heads up that tomorrow, the State Transportation Commission plans to hold a special meeting. On their agenda, considering higher tolls because the reduction in traffic due to the pandemic has cut into revenue. The commission plans to examine the numbers for state very ridership, as well as traffic numbers for the highway. 99 Tunnel, the 5 20 Bridge and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Coming up on the comm all morning News. Secretary of State Kim Wyman says every American should be concerned about the Arizona recount on Carleen Johnson. 34 years after the crime, and every man was supposed to learn his fate. I'm Frank Lindsay. I'll tell you why it still hasn't happened now in 804 traffic and weather every 10 minutes from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. We check in again with Kierra Jordan. We've had a long term crush in federal way That's been partially blocking our ramp from westbound 18 to south and I five and that continues to cause about a mile slow down there. Worth Then I five with some lighter slowing around J. Blm's main gate into coma. We find lighter, slowing, approaching 38th. And then we're going to thicken up a zoo travel through that harder to coma City center we find scattered, slowing out of federal way and into see Tak, the Seattle community really creeping along from the north End of Boeing Field to the convention center. Both directions by five with some slowing is you're approaching 5 20 North bound 509 and 99. Into you to find extra company approaching the First Avenue South Bridge south and I five scattered flowing out of Linwood through Mountlake Terrace, the south and four or five of slowing came park North bound for if I've been heavy from Talbot to Northeast, 44th and more delays from I 90 into downtown Bellevue or found 167, often on slowing at a Sumner into al Gona, and then pretty heavy from 15 Street, Southwest. Toward to 77 plus more heavy traffic for 180th to 4 or five hour next. Cuomo traffic up 8 14 Look at the weather. It's gonna be a pretty nice week. Here's meteorologist Kristen Clark, looking forward to a quiet, dry stretch of weather ahead dry days. Yes, but mostly.

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