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Though but maybe time for a reality check progressive casualty insurance company affiliates one point five instant weather another frosty night coming up the big warm up at the end of the week frost advisories most all Jersey except the northeast overnight and a freeze warning for the north west corner of the state overnight lows anywhere from thirty five to forty low thirties possible north and west frost is likely wins will go late opening the door for some very cold air sunshine and milder on Wednesday highs in the low sixties warmer Thursday highs in the low to mid sixties a chance for a few late day showers warm windy Friday with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms high well into the seventies to near eighty I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeaux we have gas fifty seven degrees in Woodbridge fifty seven degrees in Pleasantville fifty seven degrees east Windsor fast traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes under Jersey want to avoid now more than ever it's important we support Jersey businesses deserve your point five is a new free shop New Jersey business guide listing restaurants retailers service providers they're all open for business go to NJ one one five dot com slash shop NJ it's a poor Jersey business find out how to lose your business for free that slash shop New Jersey I'm sorry at the end J. one oh one five dot com slash shop and J. all right one eight hundred two eight three one one point five the trouble is should we be opening the bathrooms to the parks we appreciate the parks being open we thank the governor for opening the parks why on earth would you not open the bathrooms.

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