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At the light ten years of doing that i said forget though mother seconds i was just stopped doing it but only good thing about the holidays the the way i i can cannon sir myself in some our families gallons on the street is that they always palette that must step opts out everybody's going to beat him up brothers my son's cousin draymond spoke to in thirty years everybody's going to be there and our work are call there david fifteen may got fifteen minutes i would talk to each person for maybe like a minute thirty seconds just past the post who else as they passed basketball native who else is there who else is there and success one of the things i like to do but a other than that that that that that call right there i feel pretty forgotten about and the car only only one's gonna send a card as my on the revis go excels traditions with produced by should deed wallace stepdaughter ressam thomas and a meal do weaver reporters inside san quentin state prison and the elected officers of the san quentin chapter of the society of professional journalists i recorded the holiday carols inside the prison cell blocks life of the laws senior producer is tony gannon we want to thank lieutenant sam robinson and ron davis warden of sandpoint in state prison for making this episode possible our postproduction editors or cures didn't jesuit title and rachel came rob spate of kqed in san francisco is our engineer if you're curious about the law and like binge listening tuned into life of the law on itn's we have more than a hundred and twenty amazing episodes about people and the law take a few minutes to post your review like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

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