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Next segment fortnight for all we're back on the fortnight subjects again mike it's happening and here's why a couple nights ago this professional video gamer who i was not familiar with until this night a believe it was wednesday night his name guy goes by ninja which i don't know how how that just doesn't seem that creative to me but whatever good for him ninja is like ninja with numbers that his gamertag was he the first game so that's what i'm saying i think is gamertag has other shit on it but ninjas just like what he's known i got that fuck and famous that he just gets to be called ninja now which i gotta say as pretty tight i wish i wish everybody just called me maybe i can be samurai or something else but this dude he streams on twitch and bear with me if you have no idea what i'm talking about as i'm gonna do my best to explain it but what happened here is this guy ninja who this is what he does for a living he's a professional video gamer he streams video games on twitch so that anybody can watch him play and he got drake the rapper aubrey drake he got him in there with him playing fortnight and it ended up being was a just to be clear drake one of the five most famous people in the world champagne papi drake like okay just check drake drake.

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