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As they please so they could come in they could say a you know this person has been warned twice they fall out of four and then the moderate who did that asda which happened a few times already i unfortunately like we used to do like three four warnings and then we're like just people are not getting had much as key to now and we also have like a overly strict code of conduct like read on you know racism from sexism lashing certain community like sir in maybe cities are countries like old don't send work there this place sox you know like just like just don't wanna make anyone allied like while trying to have a good time we're all gonna try to get business organ schuttler actually sign ups miami marketing could we could have just emailed unlikely we're actually really backed up at the moment so issue me an email and follow up the past the line sounds dunes and okay so looking back in time i mean when you first started this this adventure the ingenious whose community how were the first six months for the harbour deny or you know what what kind of struggles did you have at the beginning so the first struggle was we're on one platform and i made the decision from moving described too slack so we had it extremely active community on sky which is a platform that i know people are consistently using whether or not they're using our community they're sky in especially in our field right where outsourcing work were partnering with other areas escape sick one of the best solution so slack as software that not that many people heard up at that time.

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