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Donna her to notice that I was on campus and I'd go against the back court there. Jack Zimmerman and Doug Harris wonderful wonderful players and I play against them and I you know John Paxson played against him in summer leagues like I wanted to embarrass these guys and and if you know for no other reason than I didn't get the play they did and I remember that Jim Paxson would he dunked on me one time and we joke about it. He also stole my girlfriend like I think that he I want to wait. Wait wait wait Jim paxson still your girlfriend yeah. How how did this happen well. My girlfriend was a cheerleader in was in love with Jim Paxson. You know would tell me that openly told me out and then I don't know if he stole or borrowed her and you know they all each other and date. I don't know what happened. I said we actually dating her and then she said you found out she she was cheating on you or she dumped you and started dating him. Like how did it go this story. I need to know she might have dumped me but you know in my mind you know like it took two years to realize I wasn't GonNa play at Eastern Kentucky. It takes me a little slow. It takes me a little time and and I thought you know what you know as long as it makes packs of better player. Are you know that I'm fine with that. You know I'm okay. There's a lot there's other cheerleaders out there. I mean there weren't for me but there are other cheerleaders but and it took my like my father passed away in my sister was a cheerleader on the basketball team in the entire team came to my dad's funeral and Donna her pulled me aside aside later you know after but he was having beers and he said you know I made a mistake like I let you play and it and it really meant a lot. You know granted. It was at my dad's funeral but I thought it was kind of pointed that my dad would have liked to have heard that and you know. I knew I could hold my own but you know I was such an asshole. I Guy I you know. It was really really angry. I mean so much so we had a Grad League and I played against just a guy who was who had been on the team. Tim pullman six eight guy played you know for the State Championship and wonderful wonderful guy and he's playing against us for the championship and I said I I'm Gonna I'M GONNA put up forty on poelman and for no other reason than damaged. Somebody is going to noticed this and I felt bad. I'm dribbling up the floor. Doug and I yell over to the guys. I say how many I got. I go thirty six. I go. I stuck forty on poelman years later years. This is probably ten years ago. I mean Charlotte Radio Convention engine. I see this guy staring at me. Tall Guy Bald and I go. I don't know what the what the story is. This guy and it's Tim Poelman he walks over Robert and and he goes hey you put up forty on me and I go. Oh my God him. I'm so sorry I was such a jerk to you and he goes Nah. I got it. I don't blame him thinking God. I don't know how I didn't get my ass kicked back. Then I used to think that all diet and weight loss plans for the same well not anymore for because I found num num is a new.

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