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Of the area, excluding the south coast and Cape and last through late tomorrow night. Good morning to you. I'm Tina Chow WBZ news top stories now the active investigation continues into the Merrimack valley natural gas explosions as federal officials focused now on pressure sensors are being taken out of service shortly before the blast on Thursday. The anti SP says overpressurization is to blame. Stay WBZ radio for additional updates hundreds of people are rescued in North Carolina as very dangerous floodwaters are caused by days of rain from tropical depression, Florence continue to rise and nearly three million people are evacuated in southern China as a typhoon sweeps the area in the Philippines. The storm caused major landslides as well bearing dozens of coal miners on Wall Street not too good right now. Dow is down twenty three points, and NASDAQ is losing seventy points that looks like the S and P five hundred is sliding by about eleven points. The subject of abuse. By Buddhist monks will be discussed at a meeting in India next month. The Dalai Lama says he's known about these allegations for many years calling them. Nothing new that Abedin spiritual leader says these abusers don't care about the Buddhist teaching several alleged victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Buddhist. Teachers have petitioned to meet with the Dalai Lama campus. Police officials at UMass Amherst are investigating after a longtime worker who is black is very upset after he says someone called the police on him. He says it was a case of racial, profiling Reagan Andrey tells WBZ he was walking across campus on Friday morning when this happened Walker from the gym gonna work just doing the mundane ordinary activity that millions of people do every single morning to go to work. I stopped. Simply because of the color of my skin and somebody made a false assumption of somebody. And they basically pulled me chancellor's office sent an Email to the campus community telling them about the incident, and it said, they still have much work to do to become a community of dignity and respect Amazon is investigating alleged data lakes by its own workers. CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger says. This leaked information is mainly designed to help merchants boost their sales on the Amazon website. There are people who work for Amazon who were giving internal sales metrics and reviewers Email addresses as well as the ability to delete negative reviews and handing that over. So it is absolutely against the company policy. This was the first reported by Wall Street.

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