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Twenty seventh twenty seventeen twenty two thousand seven Keith ledger. Died on January twenty second two thousand eight a little less than a month after the trailer the first trailer. So you really think that after a traders release, the now screeners are flying around remember how secretive they were with moving. They are secretive. Oh my God. Kobe Bryant's going to get a trail screener secret to all doors at the movies. That's crazy. They are secretive with that ledger was in New York when he passed away. So when was Coby Coby was injured? Madison Square Garden road trip, but still on that up. That's a tight three week window. You got the holidays. You got all kinds of stuff. And then you gotta sooner heath legend knows who Koby is actually wanted to write. He's busy in park playing the joker. That was part of the issue, and pro reason why he dies because he was inspired drugs right, sober up with lane to covy how I got them. And then go back. Okay. Let me I just wanna read this again, because this is the dark Knight at least eight six months after his death eight. This is this is the knockout punch a source with direct knowledge said, no such arrangement was made and no dinner, ever took place, not that the dinner took place at a different time that it never took place and you can try to interpret it a source with direct knowledge you can put that and try to figure out who that might be on your own to me, it kind of jumps off the page said that the dinner never took place. Well, you know, that part of the words you food to rush exactly did he's ledge on a phone up. I wouldn't have never mentioned morning show. Exa mation. And then there's like all the other little little nuggets that are out there, right? Like I always go back to the situation in Cleveland with Carlos boozer, and Mr. gun, who was blind. And it's like, well you got a mouth at his contract. We'll resign and blah, blah, blah, then he let him out, and then you went to Utah, the money, but that happens. You've been saying about agent over and over the minute ago that this changes the way you look at him. Just the way I look change the way they look at him. Yes, and no, because they're already being told you can't trust him by their age. But they not only thing they're trusted is that dollars that, that Email that comes through that says this is what we doing. This is the numbers. Here's the payout. This is what it looks like signing about. That's all they care about because they don't have to deal with him every day. They gotta deal with Frank, Vogel, LeBron James in his assistance. Jason kidd. That's really it. He just it just I'm looking at him like you really just told that story. Look, he can clean it up when they come in, you know what I mean. Look what happened in Toronto and demogra- rose, and being told you're not going to be traded at him. You know, don't you worry about it, but you more houses? And then next, you know, he's in San Antonio that have that did me that, that more more than I think it is on the organ. No. Right. But here you have the same guy in the same position. Telling his star player Z happens all the time, we love you, man. You're the greatest guy ever. You're not gonna go anywhere. We're gonna try to lock you up. We'll talk a lot. Yup. Long-term we're gonna be talking to agent. So twenty four hours later, you on the waiver wire. I mean it happened, you just said it, what's he gonna do when they hit him with this? But here's what he's going to. He's gonna lie. His. He's say, look I misspoke, I got it wrong..

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