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What do you got for me? Winning championships are what? Because he's now the second highest paid per annual basis quarterback in the league. He's yet to win a game in the playoffs. He is clearly generationally talented now generationally enriched. What do you think this leads to in Arizona? Jason? I mean, I definitely at this point can't say championship just for the fact that they haven't done anything yet to show us that they have canvassed have written all over them. And I think that's the odd thing about when it comes to contracts. I remember getting my second contract when I was in Tennessee and RGM at the time was rustin Webster and I signed a deal and everything and obviously excited a ton of money, all of that and rusting comes up to me and he's just like, hey, the reason we paid was because we want you to continue to do what you have done since you've been here. The leadership, the way you play, don't think that you have to do anything differently. We paid you because of who you are and how you approach the game. So continue to do those same things. So as I listen like yesterday up here and everybody talk about Kyle and Marian is just like, well, now that they pay them, they expect him to be a leader. They complained about his body language. They want him to change that. And just that in the third and my thing is, you pay a guy, there's different ways you pay a guy. Sometimes you pay a guy because, hey, he's been doing this for X amount of years. A guy like Tom Brady, you pay him because you know it's worth and you know what's going to happen. A guy like Kyler Murray, you know, each year he's been in the NFL. He's improved. So you know for him, the ceiling is still hot. But you can't pay a guy and expect all right, now all of a sudden he's going to walk into the building and be a different person. He's going to all of a sudden walk in and be the most vocal guy in the building. No, he's going to continue to do the same things that he's done. So for me, I do think Arizona is going to continue to improve because as Tyler Murray goes. I just don't know if it breeds championship. The rams are still a very good team in the NFC. I don't know if they've been able to build a roster to get over that hump. Obviously, Deandre Hopkins is going to be missing games early on in the season. And they're going to need guys to step up. So I think you get to a point where this day and age, you need a quarterback to win. And as a market value of what that position demands and they had no choice but to pay them because you just started quarterback and he's one of the better ones in the league. I know my guy Chris brockman across the way from your gets upset every single time I'm like, does he deserve it? He absolutely deserves it because that's what the market pays him. It's his turn. And it was his turn. The question is, how will he earn it? And I think you just kind of gave an assessment that's accurate. We haven't seen Arizona finish strong yet since he and cliff Kingsbury have been together. We haven't seen that big finish to top off what they were able to do in the first half of a season. And now their first half of this season is without Deandre Hopkins and the defending champs with their big, huge moon sized championship rings they got last night. That's going to be a very tall order, Jason. Very tall. Without a doubt and the biggest challenge for the rams is going to be, how do you handle the success? Super Bowl. The goal got the parade. You get the rings, you got the stadium underneath, flip the top off on a ring, show that off as well. Now the season's about to start. What have you been doing all off season? Have you been touring and showing off the rings in a trophy or have you got right back to work and are you as eager and as hungry to win the next one? I think that was always the challenge for me actually being able to win one when I first got to New England and coming back in 2019 of having that same hunger and us going in the off season and really grinding, but at the same time realizing that, hey, we played football all the way to the middle of February last year a lot. We're an old team like we have to figure out ways to get that work and but still take care of our bodies. But the rams gave out money all off season and they got Bobby Wagner there has joined and they were able to re sign Cooper Cup Aaron Donald even was able to give the coach some money as well. So there's no reason to believe that the rams aren't going to be right there at the top of the conference this year. All right, last one for you. This is a classic paparazzi question and since you're now part of us that world, I'll throw it to you. The one quarterback to win a game in 2022. For this year, this year you've got to choose one quarterback to win a football game in a do or die contest. That quarterback is which, who is that quarterback, Jason mccord? What do you have? Josh Allen builds moth and it pains me to say it after playing in the ASC east with New England and with Miami, but I think it's because of that is why I'm saying it. This guy has shown up in big moments. And he's just a monster. This guy can throw the ball all over the field and he also can get the ball in the shotgun position and he was the running back as a lead balker and he's shown his ability to score trust and I was running the ball in a red zone. But I think for me watching Josh Allen developed in and out division and seeing where he was as a young quarterback being able to flash and make plays, but also making a mistake and the interceptions and the fumbles and to see how far he's grown and how much he's gotten better and having a chance to be around him at a conference. One off season. Man, this dude is special and he's continuing to show it. So for me, Josh Allen would be that one quarterback. I think the beauty about him is that when you hear the guys in Buffalo on that team talk about all you see him and Stephon Diggs do a touchdown celebration where they're both dancing and you see the way guys rally around them and that's true leadership because guys want to go out there and perform forehand so that they can go in the press around Monday and call him the best quarterback in the lead. Jason McCourty, thanks for the time. Look for more of my phone calls. Welcome to NFL network NFL media group. Congrats on the good morning football gig. And let's do this again soon. Thank you. Appreciate it. I'm looking forward to him. Right back at you. That's Jason McCourty right here on the rich eisen show. And in terms of Buffalo Bills, just in terms of Allen as well, you know you've reached mega superstar status when you're talking about the other quarterbacks you're facing and how those match ups are going to be must watch. Must see. It takes two to tango, but those are the match ups you want to see. You know, back in the day, when's Brady paying playing Peyton Manning, right? Absolutely. How about this for the Buffalo Bills? First up, against Alfred and the rams. In week three, against tua week four against

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