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Is a thirty two one shot and Kentucky Derby, but leave amount of your exotics at your own peril is a deep closer who doesn't always win. But usually making a big run late as first race came from well back to be a close second. And he came from far back to win next three and then made up a lot of ground the finish a good third in a very good performance in the Wood Memorial. His trainer is care McLaughlin. The Lexington Kentucky native just arrive yesterday with a source caught up to Karen last night. At the Kentucky, Derby trainers asked him about a horse was doing just arrived and he gallon today. He'll get out the next few days, but he's shipped in good shape. This field seems to be more full closers unusual to me, I don't know how much speed there is the setup for closers concern you at all. Yes. It does concern us. But you hope the. That go it looks like three or four of them could go and the Kentucky Derby like they always go and mainly the Mouna quarter. Hopefully is test. We like we wanted even though we weren't sure early in his life. But it looks like we want when you see his running style. Does look like the longer the better, but wind is a horse. Let you know. That's what he's comfortable with the it's hard to say because we were concerned because his brother was a great one winter six months to cough Bernardini we tried to stretch him out at didn't work. So we were a little worried, but his stride is mind. Everything is great about him to Coppa was real keen and wanted just to run off. So he ended up being six this horse does everything right? The stride great mind. So hopefully, it all goes, well, you have an through a winning, but you might have had through thinking you might win with closing arguments years ago, you feel a little taste. Yes. For sure we thought we were going to win that year, but it didn't work out as tough to win. But we're happy. To be here. And it's great to have one in starting. That's karmic. Log on over Wayne Lukas assistance, had great success. How spin about ten years into pie, and then came back and is based in New York, but in of Lexington has Haikal going thirty.

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