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It. Did you find the time to learn as I once every five years, so where we've got a couple of names Peckham, which is south London. We've talked about really way north. Let's let's pick another place that isn't necessarily instances. Where would you some people all I would send them to Allston, and I would say stench shoot it, which is a little bit more central. But as easy to get to Dawson where again, you have like a lot of cool buzz and cool like new restaurants that have opened its very much if you're thinking about new comparisons, which feels on the magic to close competitive cities. But it is a sort of Williamsburg, Bushwick equivalent say maybe more on the pushback site as little grimier than Williamsburg. But you also have these like beautiful Georgian houses, again, wonderful walks, and then you can also carry on through Dostam you can end up. Newington which is nice places spent like an often and have like a pup lunch will funday shortage of shortage. And where do I eat induced? And I love the hawks ten I was going to say my favorite hotel in short still the hawk zone. I love it. I still every time. I go back to shortage stales for I always gravitate back to that bar. It's always it's always packed with people breakfast eggs. It's lovely, and you know, short. It has a lot of good hotels. They have everything from the ace to Nobu now. So I mean, they have this huge sort of runs the gamut of different places, you can stay. So where where do we eat in shortage of George where two days, I would recommend Lyles actually if you sort of like that Fergus Henderson approach to British cooking. And you want to sort of new modern version, the chef is great and young. It's a really clean beautiful space. There's a ton of great restaurants in shortage, though, what street should I if I'm wondering around shortage wish should I start out. Should I go to shortage highstreet station? What do you think is a good kickoff for my wonder round? Because that's where I'd send people. I always actually if I'm going to be heading into shortage. I often get off the central line at Liverpool street, and then walk through spittle fields, you go from feeling very much like the financial centre of London to feeling like some sort of Dickensian time-warp within a few streets, and there's even a public corner. That Jack the ripper who's delighted luck around. It is the same as you imagine. It'd that is the only downside of neighborhood. You'll see lots of tour groups, and they all on reporters, and that's all to discussing this podcast little problematic. I just don't send how that what you want to see I get that you want want to see Victorian London or the rundown. How this was what was it like doing really, Jack, the ripper and also believe everything that's for one of my favorite things in filled. It is very this is very narrow if you're fan of art, and you like the autism Gilbert, and George C the shuffling around the neighborhood in them matching suits together. And they go to the sane kebab shop every night for dinner, and it's always really fun spot them walking around feels very Eastland. And I always look for here nightly who also lives on a street side house for street and literally just lives in a house and hangs out in the neighborhood. She has nice shot on her windows. You. See in. But I love how ordinary it is that she's just among the Hoi stars. They're just like us. Okay, melinda. I wanna pull you because I wonder about often tea, and you're the one who lives in London fulltime..

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