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Now we're going to play a quick game called bowl of takes Yes so we've rounded up some of the week's most scorching hot takes and put them in Abol. We're going to pull them out and twenty seconds to give our take on the take Gideon. Are you ready to sound the F. off let's book and do it. So here's the take. Trump will be eligible. Oh for a third term. According to a tweet from former governor Mike Huckabee illegal attempts by Komi dims and the media to oust him as police will make him eligible for a third term. MM-HMM I take that that's bullshit all right. Donald Trump isn't even eligible for a second term. As far as I'm concerned barely eligible for the I. If we're being really honest Donald Donald trump absolutely has to leave office when the time is right which is you know always any moment now never again Yeah that's that's my take. I think you gotta go greats now for me. Let's see we got here. It's so hot. I can barely touch it. The Irishman is too long three and a half hours is too long for a movie about old men and even if you like the movie you can admit that it could be a half hour shorter boy. I wish I had three and a half hours for that garbage asked take let me tell you something. could she knows Hoffa Deniro. Frank Sheeran Joe Patchy as Bufalino Ray Romano as another Bufalino truthfully no. This is the kind of Shit that you can't get anywhere else. This movie should be seven hours. As far as I'm concerned. Give me all the Irishmen all day. All right that's it. I have not seen it and I'm not saying that was my take but log movies. Well all right all. Wow this take. Is Adam driver. Isn't that hot. He's a good actor. Everybody looks like the lead singer of nickelback or said from is aid. Wow okay he doesn't like said He is huge and it is squirrel. I think also He is Super Hot. His shoulders are very broad. You could climb in like a tree or like snuggle under his armpit like a ferret and I think he's perfect and you guys around Armpit snuggling snuggling fair all right. What do we got? What do we got here is my take? Britain's failure to elect Labor should make us wary of Bernie Warren Oren since carbon is a leftist. We can use the results of the UK election to think about how things will go in the US Myers plans to that. Take is your fucking idiot. There's nothing that's happening in. The United States that has anything to do with Brexit. And you're not the center of the World Service take events as they happen and move the fuck on loved it so many folks all right Wow how dare okay. The one that I'm holding it's time to kill Baby Yoga. Uh I didn't read it. We'll pass it sleet wrote that given baby Yoda's carefully. Khaki calculated one to one IDA face ratio. He starts to feel manipulative of playing us. Like robots carrying out commands to promote Disney plus. Okay we'll look baby. Yoda can't help how attractive he is. And it's bizarre that you would bring it up and thrown in faith. He's really just trying to save the universe and it's bizarre that you think that has anything to do with Disney policy. Do it anyway we do. We do have our small. All Greene friend Freakish little animal. Oh this one is great. Holy Shit Click. Is the Best Adam Sandler movie vulture writer Jesse David Faulk said Click is the best sandler movie because it checks all the boxes in terms of what makes a good San movie high-concept emotional mature storytelling plus good broad comedy. Okay I have not seen uncut gems my jams remain uncut. But I do appreciate the boldness of the steak because Click was secretly very sad movie and that was an interesting twist from the movie. Answer definitely think that's the that's the best best and that was our funds segment politics..

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