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I'm sure there's going to be a lot of overreacting but, you know, I think it's kind of warranted. I mean, that's embarrassing, do it? Anything is the Bruins had a legit number one defenseman, who was their captain that the Leafs game, greatest, Morgan, Riley is points-wise. I wouldn't consider him a perennial number one defenseman in this league. I just I wouldn't and I just find it hilarious like this morning. I opened Twitter dead. And J fresh on Twitter tweets. So... Mitch Marner for Seth Jones and it's just and that will help. That'll be the most Maple Leaf shit in the world. Yes, that'd be another young person. Taylor Hall, type type deal. I just, I can't get over. I think it's hilarious. I think it's funny. It's embarrassing. It is perfectly Toronto and you and you expected it. Like, he just couldn't believe that. It's like, no, it's the leaves. You, you can go, right? You can believe that's par for the course. So another year, another another first-round exit for the Leafs. There's so much to dissect from it off and it's I feel so bad for the front line workers in Toronto. You know they do their first game, they get to their vaccinated. They're so excited to go see their Leafs play in person. It's like damn, you know, all this work. I get to go watch the Leafs game 7. Well, maybe for them. It's like the the the first reminder that life is getting back to normal and that you know the the like leads are once again, choked noise first round exit so it's your ceiling off. Course so yeah, that's the Leafs that's our leaves minute. They still suck and they'll probably be back in the division next year. I'll be back with the Bruins, the lightning. So have fun with more first-round exits guys cuz there's no way out of that one. I wonder if they do blow it up, though. I do wonder if you know they make some big move to kind of send a message, cuz I mean what do you do? After you picked a tough year, like I'm completely changed his right because you've got a flat cap, you've also, I mean, never doubt a dumbass team that's kind of like take Monitor and like over pay for them when she hasn't shown up and hasn't scored a goal. What is it? Eighteen sixteen to eighteen, eighteen straight, playoff games, a lot of goal? Which, I mean, maybe some what? What seems like the the wage? I don't like a dogshit franchise, like the coyotes where it's like, well, he's going to score a bunch of points. The regular season, get tickets for us. So we don't, we could give less of a shit but still it's even if you found a team that would take a guy like that. Yep. Just been done in terms of moving the pieces. Now with the flat cap, you know, we start last year where we thought, there's going to be a lot more movement and the guys were signing, one year deals or you had a nice. It's like, you know, do Clan these guys signing contracts, like right ahead of Camp. So not really the best year too. Clearly change gears with your cord that you've expected to probably be making multiple to The Cup Final by this point. But it's yeah, it's embarrassing. I mean, you ever think they hit a new low, but I think that one's right up there cuz you as much as I think, Bruins fans hop on 29th and how they'll never have a better easier road to get to a cup..

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