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Rocklin nice Bronx Manhattan, Saint Croix. Apple Mata matai. Lino? I like it. I like it a lot line. No lino. Is it line electrolytes? Mispronouncing once on TV in urine alley emailed me and said, hey, new guy. You can tell when somebody's new too. I mean, that's one of the things I bounced around a lot working in radio. So I go from state to state to state and one of the things I would do is get a list of all the cities back, then you didn't have the internet. No, I would have to just make my own list by hands and just go how do you pronounce this? Like, why is that you just really want to say ways? Etta right. There's so many shock apy Chicago Schick, how would you say that Chikurubi technically named after from what my realtor told me chief shock APAC? So listen, technically, it should probably be pronounced shock copay. But here we are. But you're the new guy. Okay. Get a lotta this. There was a movie called troll back in nineteen Eighty-six troll similar. Yes. It featured a character named Harry Potter who enters a magical world of witches and wizards Wayne core incident. That was eleven years before JK Rollings first, Harry Potter book, even came out. Really? So ask her about this get on the horn, right or cannot. Hi, thanks. Wow. Wait a second. Harry Potter junior, and Harry Potter senior are listed in the IMDB cast. Wait a second. Harry. Music for this to of course, rip off. You see when I do rip off? It says are you looking for shut up. Harry Potter rip off, Harry Potter, junior.

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