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In considered in pitched, even private businessmen. This is a very unprofessional move to involve people who are not alone your own forces in these kind of sensitive peration, the ask them with the day, a willing to take the time for all of money, some of the kingdom's enemies. Ronin Berbau wanted to ask you terms of this. This this attempt by the Saudi government to get involved in these kinds of nations. Is it your sense? I mean, Israel as you documented in your book has been practicing targeted assassinations. Now for decades of I recall back in the sixties or even going back further to the fifties. This was a rare situation. Remember, for instance, in the story of of professor from Columbia University Galindo's who the dictator to he you had kidnapped off the streets of New York City a Columbia University. Professor, and he was put on a plane to the medical Republican thrown out of the plane subsequent relief that to assassins who had kidnapped him where themselves killed by through. He'll but this was considered a rare situation back in the fifties. And the sixties can you talk about how your senses that governments are now increasingly resorting to this kind of a fascinating to settle their their political aims of thinking. Now, for instance, of several assassinations we've seen linked to Russian. Dissidents by the Putin government is this becoming an increasing trend across the world. Well, I think we need to differentiate Israel has been using targeted killing more than any other country in the whist post the second World War, but Israel has defined enemies and defined targets targeted killings of either proliferators of weapons of mass destructions all terrorists of we know not you about something very different. This is killing political opponents of I think maybe someone in Saudi Arabia's. So what putting has been doing allegedly at least doing in the last few years, which is killing. Poisoning. Shooting in good, maybe jealous of the of what the Russians have been doing intimidate in intimidating other rivals dissidents and try to do the same. But in that case the operation was done such a mature sweet in such a unprofessional. So to speak way, it was very easy to discover that it's either the south train very hubris thing that they can get away from with with with everything what we see that knowledge. Be ability of the Turkish intelligence to intercept Kohl's in phone conversations and conviction inside the consulate the defect that everything is being monitored. By cameras the way that made a data is being achieved makes operations for terrorist. But also to states for that assessment much much harder. These days and here, we we have the bridge back down the nation. In Turkish intelligence, basically cracking open, the the Bush the peration to kill of. Well, we're going to break and then come back to succession. I'm sorry. We're having some trouble with dropout. Ronin Berkman speaking to us from Tel Aviv, but we're going to forge forward, but we're going to end this segment of back on the lawn with President Trump when he was asked by CNN reporter, Jim Acosta. That's right. Jim Acosta who because of a court order has had his press pass given back to him. He asked President Trump. He's letting Saudi Arabia get away with murder. No, no, no. This is about America. First. They're paying us four hundred billion dollars plus the purchase and investor country. That's probably the biggest amount ever paid to the United States. This is over a long period of time. It means hundreds of thousands of jobs, billions of dollars of investment and brought up at if you think I'm gonna let Russia have that money or more those for those things if you think I'm gonna let China make the military equipment. Hey, China and Russia would love to make one hundred billion dollars worth of ilitary quipping from Saudi Arabia. We have the contracts they wanted those contracts that would be a big fat beautiful gift to Russia and to China. They're not gonna get that gift. Just so you understand about make America. Great again. It's about America. First whether to say was Saudi Arabia. We're gonna stay with Saudi Arabia. President Trump says despite what even the Central Intelligence Agency is telling. Him that the crown prince himself was responsible for ordering the assassination of Jamaica show, shake both an immigrant to this country as well as a journalist columnist with the Washington Post both targets of President Trump over his two years. We are speaking with Ronen Bergman, and we'll continue with him on his book rise and kill. I the secret history of Israel's targeted assassination. Stay with us..

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