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The lions reclaiming thirty one 24 lead here in detroit after a twenty nine yards scoring strike for matthew stafford who mbeki then eric abrams at end of the drive and win sixty one yards in nine plays in four on three of the clock detroit has a better chance of holding their lead you're in the fourth order browns quarterback to shown kaiser is still in the locker room having a ribbons reevaluated kessler now taking napster cleveland 1030 left in the ball game lions louis cleveland thirty one twenty already thank you for that job thirty one twenty four perhaps perhaps the browns get their first win of the season but right now will not be easy as they finally trip they do triage night's game against the detroit lions ten minutes ago that give one game it's fully out of reach right now lock gene we're getting trampled to its reach thirty seven two thousand caught up on all the oxygen taking place around the nfl we dissect thirty seven to three is the score right now the saint her up and it's basically disclosed killing mode they actually literally just ran the football twenty four straight times before they went ford on third downey connected mike lacoss a your straight round you ever been a part of that august georgia textile right there are some no now they have twenty four eight runs and his killing the clock right there he everyone such a situation so thirty seven two threes the final that the the saints by just keep gillan the clock hallway through i even know button it have i mean at this point as the why why do anything else they're up 34 points to six at six minutes left the ss like this game is over his at home is over thirty seven a three they would go home seven in to win victorious in their seventh straight gate while it 16 to thirteen pan bear after mr bisky that's right the franchise hooks up with braved gdp sixyard touchdown the biggest play of the passing offense of course today for the chicago bears who have really struggled to find big plays in the.

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