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The koozie and TJ oshie scored the caps two goals but now the goal is stealing back home ice advantage in Florida in game 5 on Wednesday night It was a far less dramatic game in Pittsburgh where the penguins throttled the ranger 7 to two to go up three one in the series The New York islanders made a surprise move firing Barry trots after four seasons in which he won 180 games and took the aisles to the Conference Finals twice commanders coach Ron Rivera's 2020 NFC east title following cancer recovery has earned him the George halas award which is given to an NFL figure who succeeds in the face of adversity Rivera is the fourth member of the franchise in second in as many years to win the award joining Alex Smith last year pat Fisher in 1978 and Billy Kilmer in 1976 Rob woodfork WTO sports I already think Trump three 16 choose the warning may 10th on double DTP Look at the top stories we're following on WTO P this Tuesday morning for you after more than ten days on the run on escaped Alabama inmate is in custody this hour in the jail official who helped him escape his dead Casey whites and Vicki whites no relation were tracked down in Evansville Indiana were told more than 200 miles away Vicky white was hospitalized with a self inflicted gunshot wound she has since died The Wall Street sell off continued with the Dow losing 654 points to open the week in Monday trading at the close Monday the NASDAQ was all 5 21 the S&P 500 losing 132 points market apparently feeling renewed anxiety about China's economy and the fed's aggressive interest rate hikes to battle inflation and congressional Democrats are looking apparently to boost president Joe Biden's requested $33 billion Ukraine aid package to nearly 40 billion A House vote could come later today This Tuesday may 10th Stay tuned Stay with WTO for more on these developing stories in just minutes where the time now is three 17 Good morning You.

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