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For Disease Control the NCDC as well as other authorities who have a specific practices in Kobe. Carbon Copied Nineteen Now social distancing and other precautions Also in the mix. So why do we need made in Nigeria Solutions Thanks thanks for having US. Social distance in as walks in part because the the government shutdown. And you know bothers movement in Lagos Ogun Abu However you know keeping a distance from each other working from relying on your safety net these measures which advised by. Who you know against the coronavirus pandemic made for parts of the war. That cannot afford to retreat in individualism for millions of people in cities. Like Lagos and Kano. There's no such thing as You know social distancing yourself many in those for almost a month now legos. You know some are privileged enough to stop the panthers who had loss of You know hand sanitizers wipes facemasks food and basic needs but many others rely on d today and in for them to be able to provide for themselves now. These safety nets have not been readily available in Nigeria. The government you know in these states and the federal government have been doing their bit but there's the comments on histories now people say Hong Kong Alvar. You know the land mass of Lagos is unbelievable. Small landmass with a lot of people teen to twenty million people depending on where you are. If New York you know never sleeps because the lights are always on Lagos never sued. Because there's no power most times because you know man people stay outdoors to get some air some so that they don't choke down. Wendy are getting some air you know. A lot of things can happen. You know. Illegals relies on a lot of informal economy. It's the economic capital of Nigeria. Was still you know. It's the informal economic capital of West. Yes because mining curious street might manicures. You know it's very novel is nothing you'll find all about. This is how these people survive and these people the ones who houses leaving communities where forty people or more share building share a bathroom you know. So how do you social distance from that? It's different from what it is all about the world that is why you know we need to look inward. I look at our own peculiar challenges to solve our own problems and You know you know. The government has been trying to the state government who look at things from a holistic manner. Which is what we've been clamoring for for years and years. The local governments need to be powered by themselves. Because it is true. You know local governments that we can get primary healthcare now. We get a lot of things happening for people in their words in the zones. You know that is why we need made in nine hundred solutions. You know I can continue to speak. Speak about many things that you know you know. We need to do but think about it. Even beyond the people that live in penury Two weeks coronavirus case was confirmed in Lagos doctors in the AFC. Booja announced that they were going on strike. Overwhelmed compete salaries. Those are doctors. The people you know part of the Tri Stat supposed to help stop the spread of the Earth. You know in it's it's it's just very baffling and what we must do. Now is crafty innovative solutions based on our own unique similarities. And this not mean that we have one solution for the whole country. We simply need to make these solutions graduate solutions in densely populated passively must differ from the suburbs dissolution from Alabama's differ from you know scanty islands in Nagoya. We Need Solutions. That are based on local challenges of the people set in places. I haven't had cases you know. Pat Glennon Yanagawa. If people live on an island and then you you stop them from traveling. Mainland to get resources Dandy will look for other ways that we can cost the spread if there is a case amongst them so we must envisioned solutions for win was also invasion could solution for win coronavirus spikes because according to some experts above the NCDC and Lagos officials. We haven't reached that peak yet. So at that point we must plan for it on That is why we need. Maybe Niger solutions because men for example even in Lagos right. Now you're looking at places like but agree yes. There are no cases in fire. We buy in. We look when we talk me goes we. Oh we just think maybe the metro yeah places like the you know the mainland Ikeja Nasty like that. But I'll expect that somewhere like but agree Those who who are four years I jog by be locked down. Saturday doesn't get there and then they will find a way to ensure that you know their life can continue their but within that space absolutely should be solutions. Need to be designed for each part of and that's why you know If a practice true federalism you would help us really Solve problems for people where they are rather than trying to use uniform solutions or national solutions to solve local problems. Which is what has pulled us back over here so maybe now we can start. You know doing those anything's set in short term. You know reforms on medium-term reforms for us to achieve what we need to do as it totally. Now as my giresse foremost think-tank. That's you guys. At the end she What are some of the things that you are doing to make these This happened that is You know looking for 'em local solutions to some of these challenges there be any issue works across twelve policy commissions for the five mighty and three communities of practice. I knew sound like a lot of numbers and a lot of decisions. What these things through. All Saito's economy from agriculture to human capital and think about it. Agriculture has been very effective because a lot of people have had to be at home but even in upper parts of the country where a lot of agricultural things are happening. These people simply produce that he can ship to larger cities and their businesses have been affected profits. We are affected. You know roadblocks on the road and everything happened on. The road has made some of your produce. You Know Rothfusz stop you know before getting into the market you know A friend of mine told me about you. Know Market Women. The cheese she went to the market as a kid has an essential service and provide and salt trucks and trucks on carts of Rotten fruit being thrown away and she was conversation with me and said why can't do things be given out to the people before they you know. So these are ways that we can Solve those problems. As as as a government we are not the government you know at the NASD beyond what we're doing You know it's In many many angles across these sectors that I mentioned currently advocating for short-term media long-term policies that will aid survival of Nigerians. Our modern surviving. That will help them. Thrive through short term. Because you know currently as coronavirus you know then medium-term plant and long-term plan so we're having discussions which will you know Coming to you know would unravel in the near future beyond policies. We have sport several piracy of players to make generous contributions to was a public private partnership to flatten the curve. resources that are now being used to us this current and looming challenges of the future and also it is important to note that Dylan pandemic you know It's quite different from Wendy Spanish flu was there. Or you know all of the other pandemics of the past this different way enabled by technologies time so therefore to tackle the pandemic the as you supported you know eventers platform firm foundations practice of strange which is getting young. You know vibrant innovators to come up with solutions solutions. That can help us solve the challenges of this novel virus. You know. Many of them came on board you. You'll be amazed about many ideas that are people. Are you know the way that you know? Young Nigerians one to execute and change future able to Help if you seven of them one of them imagine what they create novell solution based on technology duck and help contact tracing things that have been adopted by certain state governments now and people are using it to trace context people that are had devised tracing contacts around there. But what are we doing down to use innovative solutions? And these things were created by grown solution so this is very critical is vital. And don't forget when we get through this pandemic which we will. This solutions will not just go today. They'll continue to you. Know Nacho them and use them for all the challenges that confront us in the future so this is the way that we can create made. Niger.

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