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Today we are joined by Dr Rick nad Dr. Rick nab is the former director of the National Hurricane Center in his currently the hurricane expert for the Weather Channel. He has a forecaster and the communicator in time when hurricanes are setting all types of record after last season Florence, we have plenty to get into slits dive right in with Dr Rick nab. I'm Dr Marcia ship it from the university of Georgia, Rick. Thanks for joining us take you so much Marshall. I really love the podcast platform. I'm a avid podcast listener including out to whether geeks of course, and it's wonderful because you can listen to it while doing just about anything else as opposed to video. I drive over to the university of Georgia everyday. And so now I'm a podcast since I've been doing podcast so, and we certainly have a lot to talk about with you. It's been an active last two years of hurricanes and you know, in the television version, whether eighteen minutes, we can do a deep dive today because we've got about forty. So let's just jump right in now. We're right on the heels of hurricane. Florence in a way a game changing storm. So I want to dive right in with some conversation because one of the things that people have been talking about or what are we learning from storms like Florence? And one of the big things that has come up is the saffir-simpson scale. What are your thoughts on? I've been vocal about. I've been saying we don't necessarily need them get rid of the saffir-simpson scale, but we certainly think about the, you know, augmenting it, perhaps thinking carefully, what are your thoughts. You know, this has come up after nearly every storm. That's not a major hurricanes for you. Finish your been telling media that too, because I've been getting calls from media and they it's new bit in our community. This is something that's not new, not at all. And in fact, it even has come up after past major hurricanes when we've compared them like the Charlie Katrina comparison when Charlie was a smaller cat for Katrina was a larger cat three. And which one was the broader disaster? Which one was the storm surge? Disaster in the category didn't line up with who had the war storm surges Astor because Katrina be larger. Was that. But it is a legitimate question that comes up every time is is the categorization of hurricanes hurting or helping, and you can break it up into different avenues that we could go down. The first legitimate question has been, she'll be get rid of the scale right now, and I will say up front that it is possible that if we knew then when the scale was first introduced, what we know now, maybe we wouldn't have used scales in the first place what, but one thing I wanna pick you back on that answer though is when the scale was sorted, then I went back some of the history of this with Bob Simpson and and FAFSA who were he was an engineer, I.

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