Justin Fairfax, Governor Ralph Northam, California discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


A defiant Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam continues to fight calls for him to resign. Even as the number two man in the state now faces his own issues governor north and the held a cabinet meeting Monday as scheduled even as he faces state and national outcry for his ouster. He maintains to men in an old yearbook photo one in black face. The other in KKK garb are not him as this plays out. The state's Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax faces a fifteen year old sex assault allegation in comments Monday Fairfax hinted at dirty dealings against him. Does anybody think it's any coincidence that on the eve of potentially being elevated the bats win? This uncorroborated smear comes out. Fairfax says he hasn't spoken to northern end is not privy to what Northerns plans are to continue governing. Grenell? Scott. Fox News residents of paradise California have been ordered to leave their property damaged by last year's devastating wildfire. Hundreds of people have been living on their own properties and campers or temporary. Shelters since their homes burned down. But the Federal Emergency Management agency says living in areas that haven't been properly cleared is a health and safety risk may threaten to cut off funding for the cleanup, unless the city and Butte county doesn't force residents to find safer shelter federal safety. Investigators trying to learn what caused the plane to break apart and crashed into a home in northern California. The Cessna four fourteen a crashed into a house in Yorba, Linda igniting, an intense fire the pilot and four people inside the home were killed the National Transportation Safety board says the twin engine plane crashed after breaking up in flights scattering, debris across four blocks witness reports say.

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