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Tax. People Pittsburgh steeler fans welcome to the very burst episode of the homer and Hater show. That's right after a long discussion. La that long we talked about it right before we went on the Air Lance Williams the hater and myself Jeff Hartmann. The homer decided to give our Sunday show and sometimes we might not be available women. Have someone fill in on occasion as as with no shows and podcasts. Be Having her platform. But when it's the two of us to homer and hater show Severi first episode Lance House a gun. What's up home or how are you? I'm fine I'm great. I mean it's going to be a fun show based on the headline because I just know that even in our text message discussions prior to the show. And Hey we're GONNA talk about. We already kind of getting into a little bit of back for Mike. Well let's just saving for this show because Joe what we're GonNa do this shows. We're going to have steeler topics as most shows We're GONNA do a rundown of the week that was in our podcast platform so that basically something that maybe he missed a show you want to go back and check it out and I have an interesting ending here for lands that I told them about and we'll talk about that the very end of the show so stay tuned but the headline of this episode is all about Devin Bush. You know it's funny. Everyone talks about Mingka's Patrick. You know everyone talks about making fitzpatrick rightfully so TJ walk. It's a lot of publicity as he should but I was writing an article for behind the Steel Curtain Dot Com and I was reading about the two thousand nineteen draft class and NFL DOT COM writer at the four AFC. North teams said. The steelers had the best two thousand nineteen draft class amongst all four teams. They were giving bleak B plus grade while the Ravens browns both got bees and the bengals got a C plus. We're not here to talk about the grades itself because as Lanson is said to each other before we went on the air. It is so subjective. And they've had so little time in the NFL. For instance. I was looking Guy Justin Lane. The sealer spent a third round. Pick on cornerback from Michigan State. Who did nothing but play special teams? So how are we supposed to greet him as a cornerback? When he saw absolutely zero snaps their So you just don't know but this deal you know like I told lands. It's the slow season when it comes to content so until March eighteen around the new league year gets here. They talked a lot about Devin Bush. The steelers number one pick and I sent lands. It's actually I think we should talk about his upside and land said what I have. No idea what upside is. And that's like the hater part of me because I know upside is so amorphous. Like what is that like? Does that mean I just have no idea when guys say upside? I mean because the assumption is never that guys it actually most players typically Cata stay the same or actually get worse in reasonable. Why say that is because you know part of the NFL is that guys? Don't play law. A lot of that is due to injury and so forth but guys get recycled because they aren't good players and so a lot of times guys 'd have no upside and I guess we're assuming upside. Is they continue to get better. That when you have upside your ceiling is fairly high. I guess with a Devon Bush when you talk about upside you're talking about. Does he have the potential to be the best inside? Linebacker national football league given the fact that he was a first round draft pick. I think he was what the second inside linebacker drafted last year after. Yeah after the The Tampa in Tampa Bay. So I guess we say upside I mean I guess that means Pro Bowler let all define it. Let me tell you what. Let me tell you. What my upside is you. We've seen it I I think with Brookies. Even if you're talking about potential upsides I look head if you can't have this discussion before. They've stepped on the field. A lot of people try to a lot of people. WanNa talk about projections for rookies when they've never even played a professional game in their entire career. I'm saying the fact that Devon Bush's played sixteen games in his NFL career which is not a lot we have seen flashes whether it is plays like I think about the interception in coverage against the Baltimore. Ravens a he is covering Mark Andrews. That was a very good play. The guy that made me say wow. That's upside for me. That's potential there are. Sometimes you see rookies. That don't even have those flashes for instance. Benny Snow Junior did he have those flashes that made you say wow any of them at all strike in two thousand nineteen now of course. Oh that's one of the things So for me. It's one of those situations where Devon Bush when I think about like upside. I'm not even thinking about long-term projections of pro bowl or all pro or the best inside linebacker. It's the steelers made an aggressive move. This is what I wanted to talk about. The steelers made an aggressive move from twenty ten last year's draft. They traded away a Lotta draft stock. In what are they? What are they getting for that? That's a good question there. Mr T. steeler fan. Says upside will be better than shazier before he got her comparing each rookie season. That's interesting lance. What do you think about that? I think so? I think so. I think it and I'm going to get killed for this when I say this in Indus- I I don't I don't feel like I'm forced to be the hater but I feel like naturally leftist. I say we'll be as being a hater. I always died that Ryan Shazier. It was overrated. I thought Ryan Sheer was a physical specimen. I thought Ryan Shazier physical skill. Set is what the position was going to morph into in a national football league. Being a lighter guy in the box with the ability to cover tied in to sort of be a will backer that will backer. That was a little more dynamic thing your typical wheel backer because of coverage ability but I thought that Ryan Shazia was off injured unfortunately got injured in a way that may derail his career forever. I thought he was an inconsistent tackler. But I think at his physical best his upside if we're defining it like you were saying Jeff was through the roof however on a play by play basis. I thought there was a level of inconsistency to his play that I did not see demonstrated by Devin Bush. I think when I look at the two in their rookie seasons there were things that Chaisiri did that. Were just like wow. Did you see him do that? There was some things like that for Bush. But not to the extent to me as Zere but on a play by play basis. When you're talking about being in the right places being more of a short tackler and just being more consistent I think Devin Bush will be the better player thus maybe he will have more upside. I agree with you. One hundred percent and I guess here's a question for you. This might put me on the spot here and it's not an easy question to answer if you were to say. Hey here's a that. I could see Devon Bush developing into I saw that comment by Elliott. Who's a player that's currently in the NFL? That the season veteran there. You say you know what we could actually see Devin Bush potentially turn into this type of inside linebackers or anyone that you think of or comes to mind that you're like if I'm trying to give you a visual of what I expect. Evan Bush if everything goes as planned if everything you're in terms of his overall preparedness in his development and all that stuff the naturalization process. Who's that cop actually as you ask that? It's not anybody currently in the league but it's a former gold jacket guy. A recent gold jacket guy. And that's Brian Urlacher. You know when I when I when I look at Bush. His physical his physical ability epic in stature there around the same size. I don't think urlacher was too much bigger than Devon Bush. Maybe about ten pounds different. Maybe urlacher was around to fortyish to forty five ish Bush's probably around two thirty five. You know in a to forty range. But their ability to play side to side sideline to sideline also their ability to cover. I think urlacher was probably maybe a bigger hitter but I but I think if erlanger put on the spot I think urlacher. I don't WanNa put the pressure on him to be brighter lacquer but I think he has the physical upside since we're talking about upside to be a dynamic player like in early lacquer. Hopefully he won't be as injured as Urlacher but I think the the physical skill set and using your definition in terms of upside is there. I think physically depending on all the other intangibles if he stays healthy if he continues to work if he continues to grow in the defense in if he's continuing to be put into positions where his physical capabilities can be utilized to their utmost. Then I I'm thinking Erlich see I don't. I don't see that calmed personally in. Everyone's entitled to opinion. I see more of a Lou keithly type because he's I think he's more athletic than or lacquer or lacquer. Was that old school. He reminded me of like the. You know the neck roll on that. He didn't have it. But you know the these the neck pad back in the nineties and stuff. He's used to have the neck pad. And all the big collared downhill does. Go and get you. I guess I expect and this is tough because expectations are different for everyone. I Expect Evan Bush. To be more dynamic was a great linebacker. He was a hitter. I don't remember him as much of a coverage DAK backer and unexpecting Bush to be more of that I guess. Is He struggled? There's a rookie. Not Going to say that but I look equally was more of an all around back a linebacker. I Guess I expect Evan Bush to be more of that ilk than it is a bryner lack reality. I understand what you're saying though. So we'll we'll see if he's either one of those guys. It's a good thing it notice we're about an IRC urlacher right. We're we're talking about. Yeah great inside linebackers. We're not talking about average guys. I mean we're talking about great guys why I would say another guy he might remind you of is Vander Esch you know he might remind ender ash in the two inside backers for Dallas who are two very dynamic physical. Guys that run sideline sideline. Is that Jalen Smith. If I'M NOT CORRECT. Who's the other inside the van your story now? I think he's in that mold to vander ash. I Love Your I love your compares into that's that's lacquer but to the out starting inside linebacker for Carolina. I love that Comparison a little bit better than in mind Unfortunately he retired. I think a little premature. But maybe not premature for him since he made a decision.

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