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Arizona's Morning news. I'm Jamie West, and I'm Jim Sharp. Good morning. Pfizer is pushing for booster shots. But the feds say not so fast will bring the details right after we check in with the traffic center last month was the hottest June on record in Arizona. Now we're learning about its deadly consequences in the rugged, rugged desert along our southern border. That's our top story. Arizona's immigration crisis As temperatures soared last month in Arizona, so did the number of migrant deaths along our southern border. 80 hours. Griselda Sabatino is live with more. Jamie, the nonprofit group Humane Borders reports. 43 human remains were found in Arizona's border region during the hottest June recorded in our state history. That brings the total numbers so far this year to 127, which is much higher than the 96 bodies recovered during this time last year. Heat exposure is the most common cause of death. All bodies recovered are believed to happen of migrants trying to cross the border through this northern desert, where temperatures soared above 110 degrees last month. Reporting live. I'm Griselda City. No, Katya. Our news. Thank you. Rosella Air is Danny Sullivan. It's 5 32 and she's in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center. Yeah, and you still have this accident crews are working on. Actually, it was an earlier vehicle fire on the loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway westbound at McDowell. It's going to be near where Gilbert Road is HIV carpooling and the left lane are still blocked and you are going to slow down through that area. But it's not going to take you too much time to make it through. Also, you've got a crash and a delay on I 17 South found at south of McDowell, right at that stack transition area and in Scottsdale Road, you do have some lane closures and traffic lights are also out if the Intersect Of Scottsdale Road and Williams Drive that south of Pinnacle Peak Road. You might want to stick with Hayden Road instead..

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