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I will admit it how to reclaim your garage there is a a book out called every day real estate melissa rowland is a real estate salesperson and an accredited home stager juno that one in four american say that their garage is so full of stuff that they can't that their car inside well we're going to help you this morning at eight thirty five melissa is going to join me on the radio and we are going to talk about how to reclaim your garage and i thought it was about time that we get into it and this is a guarantee as i take you that long but can i gotta tell you something my garage now is like a new garage and i have to say that then a couple of very good friends of mine were the ones that decided that they wanted to do it so i said go ahead volunteer if you'd like and boy i'll tell you i've kept it that way too and it's not that hard so we'll have that for you anybody out there that has been saying i got to do something with mike araj well we'll have that at eight thirty five with a berry special special guests and it is a coming up to fourteen minutes now fourteen minutes before the hour up six o'clock in the morning if any of you have anything that you would like.

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