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Gano independiente get up on it dreamers zima sorta travel handle he say hand gate they get say look look sonja okay on learning okay data powder tom yen opportunity that let me know leave you with german from california congressman mario diaz balart live from capitol hill c span radio thanks all for being here obviously you can see our faces we're frustrated this has been a long fight we've been working really hard on this issue i'm really proud of a lot of these guys here all these guys and and a lot of folks out there in the four who voted today it's frustrating because you see we had a lot of solutions in this bill there was obviously some things need to be addressed as well but we weren't able to put it on there but if we took the way we treat politics and we we took that into other things in life in sports for yards which you criticize someone who moved the ball in the right direction this dome the ball in the right direction we took care of a lot of issues were helpful it was positive on a lot of different fronts we covered all different topics from border security to keeping kids safe helping dreamers have an actual future has some security in their lives and i think that some progress would have been nice to see out of this house seeing how it was taken down today on not a good vote was frustrating but i still believe that we've got a real option you here to work forward i do think that leadership and all of us here in congress have to work together across the aisle find those who truly want to see this get resolved continue to meet continue to have conversation continue to have that dialogue but this is a tough topic it's a complicated topic that the majority of members don't spend enough time on they follow the headline sometimes they just follow a little bit of talking points but the actual when you get into the the the the real meat and bones about it it's a topic where lot alive us actually have a lot of agreement it just sometimes getting through to that is little more difficult than today was one of those days so i i look forward to working with this team and the rest of those who were a part of the negotiations who wanted to get to a yes and hopefully can get more members on the team so that we can get this resolved and get onto the next important topics thanks and an introduced the gentleman from new york john kako thank you congress i had a very long career as a federal organized crime prosecutor and as part of my duties and responsibilities i i was sent out paso texas for a couple of years to work on drug trafficking cartel level drug trafficking cases i had a bird's eye view of the border and i saw for sure that that was it was one thousand nine hundred five here we are all these years later and we're still talking about the same thing and that was a concern to me and since i came to congress one of the biggest issues if not the preeminent issue of this.

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