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Out. Your tighter forget what it's. All the it's another thing. Then go to the podium. I'm for. I mom. Okay, so you said a lot of things. You mentioned a lot of things and. No No, no, it's just so difficult to know where to begin with this team, I think. It's tough because the question now isn't just what went wrong. Ken Baker, Mayfield Bounceback like I said and can Kevin Stansky provide the leadership. That that Freddie Kitchens could not and I think that's the look. Everyone talks about Baker's. Go to bounce back and our dinner. Alaska was goes to this because this system is meant for him and Kevin, Stansky, it's the right got Kevin. Fancies very impressive, guy very impressive, but Meena his ability to stand up and lead an entire team, not just a position room. Right is a work in progress and so. It's that's all married here. There was a question about the offense I mean you know were watching Kevin Spacey's offense, MINNESOTA? We're watching Gary Kubiak. Offense I think that for a lot of people is a totally open question. I everything Kevin Durant said I found really impressive the way he about football you know and I think that offense that we saw in Minnesota even if it was heavy Kubiak Ian Influence, so to speak a I think it's the right offense for to. Get. This team. Back into a rhythm I think it's the right offense to compel Baker Mayfield to stop forcing the ball and there's over forcing to Odell, Beckham, junior and Jarvis Landry you whatever to wide receivers right? I imagine it. It's not really a leap of faith to say. We're probably GONNA see a lot more heavier sets. Forget running the ball more which. You know I. I don't think that they should run the ball exponentially more personally. Even though they do have a terrific one two punch of course at back, but I do think thirty a bit more diversity in terms of the personnel groupings. The blocking. And so I wouldn't be surprised if you see that. Little quarterback friendly You know what I mean like Baker Mayfield man. He was bad I'll play action last year. That was the weirdest thing about that offense again like a in about Baker right like watching, it's it's generally weird when a quarterback becomes significantly less accurate after he was unbelievably actor in college, and that's your hope. It's Browns fan that you. There's more years of Baker Mayfield, being quarterback than being a bad one. But To see him struggle so much on early downs. Play fake was really weird and a lot. Some bad do with protection some that had to do with. Guys not getting open deep I think in particular. A lot of that just had to do with him honestly so. I think there are a lot of things that suggest okay. All of the circumstances around him or going to be better, the play calling obviously the offensive line going out and getting Jack. Conklin on the right side. JETER Wilson left side. Run blocking particular. That is going to take a leap for those tackles. But Baker Mayfield himself again needs. To. Improve independent of those circumstances. I know winning offseason. Press conferences doesn't get you anywhere, but he did speak last week off for the first time. Really since the promotional nonsense in Miami at the Super Bowl that everyone does, and he wasn't selling bows this time. He was just sitting on his back porch in Austin. I don't know if it again is worth anything. She seemed like a different guy. He said all the right things he said. We talked way too much and didn't put up and it's done. It's you know no more talking and Kevin Stefanski. Runs a great system for me I like he said all the right things like people came away from that going all right. I. This is a different guy, but you know, can you? Can you maintain that? Come September October. What will losing three out of four just? Schedule Friday. What would that do to this team? In September, I think it's it's interesting just with the whole group. How Jarvis! Landry on their exit interviews after Freddie, had been fired. Jarvis Landry was asked you know. What is it that you guys want because they have to find a new head coaching? We just WANNA be led. We just WANNA be led. and. Got The scheme. I mean I think they're okay there. And I think people are optimistic about Joe Woods as defensive coordinator to see if he can lead and I, think it you you do have a leader a quarterback and if they can get on the same page, I think that's. Also. Bill Callahan man coming if you want to. Do A nerdy football thing right like? If you want to selling football ahead certain point to like what are the most significant changes in the off season? That's a good one I feel like to point out. They brought him on as an offensive line coach. And really interested to see how he and STA fancied meshes. Callahan's obviously been a head coach. He's a veteran. Yes, I. I've heard I've heard some people. Rumble and not in their building by the way just. Outside people when the higher was announced. That's not a scheme fit I. don't see how that's GonNa work. But he does bring a veteran said of is. I think it's a good move. I, I'm saying I'm curious to see how it works. How about that? But I'm with you on Conklin and wills, assuming he can flip from right to left. I look they. I think unfairly hammered Greg Robinson earlier Chris. Hubbard has was an issue at right. Tackle, too. Yeah, well. The browns offensive is one of those things where I think they were blamed more than they should have been for a lot of the mistakes. Mayfield was making quite frankly, but they weren't good. Let's be clear right is. Again. It goes back to the blame. Pie I think all of the the browns offense to me was one of those things where everything compounds upon each other everything you know the receivers, being hurt and Baker, forcing you.

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