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Is is that we figured on the us thorn up one of the greats bronx how did you get from there into show business and get into comedy and then that sort of weird part of a lot of football coaches and analysts and stuff played professional football and then they get injured retired and then they moved them up to the announcers booth or they started coaching or whatever it is were you a comedian adam such a great question thank you very welcome because it is a strange connection it is and it's all because i was a good swimmer moves though i became a rice guard after i after i had enough to wish him being a bus pointing a waiter in a bush the kaskel mountains then it was able to be a lifeguard and it was a life gutted this place called tama mince camp tamitan pocono mountains young young people's resort single people's resort and they had a theater staff up there i was like nineteen twenty twenty one years old i worked there for three seasons and neil simon was the head right that this was like go max leaping had created this like years before i worked up there and that led to the show shows if they had a theater staff in a theater staff was up there for the entire summer they had comedy writers choreographer abroad who became a huge director uh he was accorded agrippa dick sean worked up there uh the pact carol in uh they had singers dancers so is that they put on a variety show every week so i i was there watching this creativity and the asylum usa come down to the lifeguide stance and tell me what the girl said today so we could integrated into sketches.

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