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The second longest and fell history who was a guy who i think rose to the occasion in the big game there were a quarterback stay the day they will far more accurate quarterbacks where you had a knack of being very good in the big game as his record will attest to swoop wool mvp's he's one five playoff games in some of the toughest buildings to play in anywhere they're all a lot of quarterbacks who have won one sometimes to sometimes none on the road in their career he's one five playoff games on the road you know he's one and green values one in dallas he's won in san francisco he beat you know twice cb tom brady and the pats unsuitable those a big wins so he had a very long career his numbers will you know again if you looking in terms of things like all time yardage an alltime f touchdowns i mean that stuff to muse if they play a time they're all going to have the same numbers they're all going to have thrown for forty thousand yards through all the novel bunch of touchdowns they'll all have a bunch of games does they win the begin it really comes down to and i think he's had a distinguished career is it a hall of fame career rise on the right on the border of a hall of fame career because his numbers are not as good as some because you know part of its where you play but also he hasn't been the most consistent every day quarterback i agree with that but he's always been very good big game quarterback which i think is is people like guys who raised their game in the postseason he raises his game in the postseason the always scott these sandoval what's up scott oh my god.

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