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And it'd be nice to see her recognized for that. But yeah, like, I say all of those. I mean, they all have incredible stories. You lied to operate show. A completely unexperienced a kindergarten teacher, you know, he was discovered by quote own and who worked closely with him to create this character. And here she is up for best actress, it makes me wonder to whether she'll go onto act or go back to teaching kindergarten. You know, my guess is Dana Stevens, she sleeps movie critic and host of slates culture gabfest podcast, so best actor not really many surprises Christian bale from vice Bradley Cooper from a star is born Willem Dafoe. Matt attorneys gate Rami Malik from bohemian rhapsody and Vigo Mortenson from green book. Well, one little surprising there people would have really liked. I think to see Ethan Hawke for I formed which is maybe the performance of his career, and that movie got recognized only for its screenplay again that may be a case of it's it's a little too dark for Oscar voters, and it came out very early in the year. I thought woman to fo was amazing is and people have seen at eternity skate. I hope people now will go and see it. It's a it's a Vincent Van Gogh bio pic, and and it's a somewhat slight movie in a sense. But but we'll Defoe's devastatingly good in it and best director. And I think it surprises. Everyone you hear. This Spike Lee has never been nominated for best director before what do you think was different about this time around for him? Yeah. That is one of those strange Oscar facts, he did get a career award a few years ago. But in a way, it was a sort of compensation for the fact that he's been really under recognized that could also be that, you know, he's somebody who like Woody Allen is New York based has kind of held himself apart from the Hollywood community has has sort of verbally disparaged. The Oscars have been somewhat. Mocking about them. In interviews. Like, I think probably the academy does not love him for other reasons having nothing to do with his films. But it really is high time that his body of work was recognized and actually a slate writer Dan Quayle made a made a wonderful argument on the on the site yesterday for black klansman is best picture. He was looking at all the reasons that sort of historical reasons that the other movies can't win, and there's a certain sort of set of markers. Sometimes that point toward what the best picture award will be including what kind of critics awards it's gotten in what other things it's nominated for and black klansman checked off every one of those boxes, and he was saying what about it? What if that's the dark horse and either black plant clansman wins best picture or spike wins best director because of those certainly with a more interesting movies to come out in the air. Oh, yeah. I mean, there's nothing else. Like it. Love it or hate it. It's doing its own thing completely in best documentary. There was one glaring omission. I think everyone was surprised that won't you be my neighbor the documentary about mister Rogers wasn't nominated money. Yeah. I was gonna say, well, especially because the Oscars love movies that do really well and are critically acclaimed. And that movie was both. I think it was the most successful documentary of the year. And it may have been the most successful documentary. I'm going to get the record wrong. If I say it, but it smashed a lot of records in terms of documentary box office, and was widely beloved the only reason I can think it might have been left off is that Morgan Neville, the director has already won his Oscar for best documentary pretty recently with twenty feet from stardom. But it's still seems odd. Not to even have it have it there on the list and finally with something like Roma, which is just so visually arresting, and and has just sort of captured people's sort of a social element of it, and the creative element of it a film like that which is so different. How does the film like that usually fair during? Oscar season. I'm I'm curious. It's got the most nations. But I'm wondering if it's just one of those is it a is it a juggernaut is headed towards mall the awards, or is it one of those things that people realize I we should recognize this right, but not necessarily it's going to win. I don't know to tell a good candidate for juggernaut dumb. It's got the most right has got ten nominations. I believe in it's tied with I can't remember what movie with the favorite for ten. There's all I think there was one thing against it. Which is maybe it didn't get a best editing nomination or something like that. But. Sort of everyone's favorite like when I've been hearing people actually putting down their Oscar pools and making their bets they're talking about Roma. But like we say it's at the beginning of the process before all these crazy campaigns start to come out. And and there's some if contingent against Rome a possibly as well because it's done. So well, the 'overdogs right? Before I let you go any other any other category? You were interested in or something that you think our listeners might be interested in knowing. Oh, gosh. I don't know. I mean, I'm more interested in sending people to movies that maybe didn't make it onto this list. That would still be wonderful important support. Okay. Let me think of a few. I didn't come in with any right on my list. But okay. Well, you're never really hear the Lynne Ramsay film. With Joaquin Phoenix is really I think one of the best movies of the year and extraordinary performance from Joaquin Phoenix, and the kind of movie that doesn't get recognized. So so there's one right there. Well, let's go with movies directed by women since they got so little recognized in the in these nominations another was private life directed by tamra Jenkins, the first movie she's made in a very long time. No nominations in is really extraordinary. What else there's got to be destroy shirkers shirkers documentary by sandy tan that is again, not the kind of movie that usually gets nominated for an Oscar. Although there were some pretty obscure. Docs that made that list like HALE county this morning this evening. So if you can it's on Netflix. I believe streaming right now go see sandy tan shirkers. I won't tell you anything about it. Except that it's just it'll blow your mind. It's a great documentary. The trailer blew my mind. So can we invite you back after the show after the Oscar show? Would you come back and talk to? Oh, sure. I'd love to all right. Dana Stevens, we've booked their ladies forever. The Oscars show Dana Stevens, right through dot com. You can hear her on slates culture gabfest podcast. Thanks bye. Thank you. We come back documentary. Filmmaker Joe Berlinger will join us to talk about his new project for net. Flicks. A docu series about Ted Bundy don't go away. WNYC supporters include Gloria alive, a new play that celebrates the life of feminist activist.

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