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Wow. What a moment. Let's talk to Mr. Henry Kraus right now via the magic of Skype joins us right over there. Henry how are you? Congratulations on the win. Thanks first things. First how are your teeth? Henry I understand that you lost your your front teeth in the fight. They look great there. But how are they doing? These are entries of these implants, my dentist takes out. Can I see what they look without the dentures. Oh, my that. Oh, top and bottom. Holy smokes. Wow. When did that? Courtesy of Emmanuel Sanchez. Did. He the first round with the need right of the pipe by. Then. So when you fight when I was six my teeth and a and I went to I went just still fought a whole fight like that this decision loss all the nerve expect soccer Mandal. So when you fight you take the dentures out as well. Yeah. Tensions on it. Okay. Well again, congratulations on the win. What a what a performance? What fight? I mean. It was so quick. But it was just incredible. As it was for Nick when he dropped you early on. What is going through your mind if anything? Thank you very much. Nothing much. You know, I was just a. Was he shot up? Underneath the job. So I kind of lined in my when my myself with my own shoulder Nishat that uppercut right up on need it perfect shot that he threw you know, and it just dumped me on ice. But the the moment I realized what I got hit with. I was I was good dude got up I circled out. And I'd be lined right back to like, let's go did his power surprise. You. Not so much. It was just just that. I see plan. That are kind of like whoa that. Right. And then we're and we're watching right over here. You know, he didn't back. He didn't back down. He kept going. I've see he was trying to end the fight. And he's talked afterwards about how that's something. He maybe needs to work on. Did you did you sense that he was just being a little too overzealous? Did you feel like he was being a little too in that moment thought that maybe you are too winded of an animal? Yeah. People are saying that. But I don't think he really was dude. He was comp-. He was composed of his hands up. And he was he was on me, dude, as you should, you know, right? This is the thing was I was recovered one hundred percent in house ready to go in. He maybe he got a little maybe shooting left hand to the by a little too recklessly. He was digging hard day to shot and. There was like a split second thought that with remind like had she was going. So if he's out of the body, not slung what innovated you twentieth pro fight. Have you ever had more fun in a little over sixty sixty seconds in a fight before? What a trip flex these fights getting phone or in front of man, this stage, David..

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