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The threat assessment was almost beside the point. It was perfectly obvious. She read the newspaper that there was gonna be a big rally that the president was talking about being be wild and that the focus was going to be the capital. Where they were having a certification vote show. They didn't take rocket science to see you to lose a realistic foreseeable risk to the Capitol, and you would enhance the security. I mean, but maybe they need the threat assessment to put the process in place to get troops on the ground or security forces on the ground. I mean, DHS and the FBI have issued intelligence bulletins for four as we mentioned Black lives matter. Protests what was different this time around? Why didn't they treat this the same way? Our reporting found that one of the reasons that they didn't treat it the same way may have been bias. We talk to someone named R P. Eddy and he used to be in the National Security Council. He's done a lot of counterterrorism work. He worked with the NYPD and the LAPD. And now he has his own intelligence consultancy, and he thinks It's something called the invisible obvious. Was it work and basically, that's things that sit right in front of us that we don't notice. It was very hard for these decision makers in these analysts to realize that people who look just like them could want to commit this kind of unconstitutional violence and get little he tried to and want to kill them. So in other words, in other words, this was supposed to be pro Trump rally, and then it wasn't and it was hard for these law and order people to see that this mob these people who were so pro Trump, who had bumper stickers, just like theirs on the back of their cars were going to commit violence. And by the time they figure that out, it was too late. And then it really begs the question. Did they not see it? Because they didn't want to see it. I mean, or they couldn't see it were their blind spots. Exactly And that and that, In fact, a lot of these people that they were seeing, right? I mean they were wearing pro Trump T shirts. They were there to support the president. When you think of those kinds of people. You you don't think about those being the people that you might have to worry will resort to violence and that was what went wrong. It wasn't you know something nefarious. It was just when you looked at it without the analysis. It seemed like this'll was just going to be another rally. And then it wasn't NPR's Dina Temple Raston of our investigations team. Thank you. You're welcome. New York City is canceling its business ties with the Trump Organization. It's pulling out of $17 million in agreements with a company owned by the president. MPR's Sally her ship's checks in with New Yorkers for their thoughts on the end of Trump's deals in the city, New York City as four contracts with the Trump Organization managing a golf course in the Bronx to ice skating rinks and a carousel in Central Park. But de Blasio says city contracts come with an exit clause. New York can opt out if company leadership is engaged in criminal activity, which is what he says the president has done inciting an insurrection. Let's be clear. Let's say these words again. Inciting an insurrection against the United States government clearly constitutes criminal activity. So the city of New York will no longer have anything to do with the Trump organization. They have profited from these contracts. They were profit no longer and at $17 million. The deals represent just a tiny fraction of New York City's annual budget 98 to 95 billion, But Brooklyn residents Glenn Justin and his wife, Isabel Wessel, say the mayor is doing the right thing. Sitting in the sun on a green bench in a park in Brooklyn, Intent on a folded up piece of paper, a crossword puzzle. They say the puzzles theme is the perfect fit for how they feel about Trump's business deals in New York City says Get out of here. That's actually the theme. I swear to God, it's it could be better for an impeachment day. Get out of here. A few minutes later, Michelle Val Adar as a poet and lectured city college walks by with her dog. She says she's disgusted by the president's actions. She's glad to hear the mayor's news. But she says this is a precarious time and passions are high, so she hopes the mayor moves slowly before reacting. I think it's really important to calm our minds and to really not abandon what's legal and illegal ballot. Doris wants to make sure what New York does with the contracts is legal. Review by the Citizens Budget Commission says that two of the four agreements were already set to expire in just a few months. The Trump Organization.

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