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I'm roundabout plenty but the fact of the matter is that this is a better retail performer. In terms of the stock over the last five years than amazon costco walmart and target. I'm not saying it's a better business. I'm not saying it's like by this. As opposed to the. I'm just saying over the past five years as well as those four retail giants have done and they've done really well you're doing even better as an investor over the past five years if you own shares at burlington stores which do not Yeah it is one of the quieter But kickers out there And it did take a big hit as a stock as as many things Did february to march was basically cut in half that ended up being For burlington as well as many other things a great buying opportunity for those got in there at at the bottom. And it's a really as i say a testament to The trust that the market has in management here in the business model the off price Model that burlington uses because it has not been a profitable year for the company and they are not yet able to point to really improving trends of course For something that was previously known for coats. There aren't a lot of people that are necessarily going to have to buy as many coats this winter. If they're going to be stuck inside all the time so They have a better looking future than a present And their past is the reason that the future looks bright at all thank three years ago. Mccormick paid four point. Two billion dollars to reckitt benckiser's food division to buy french's mustard and frank's red hot sauce today. Mccormack ask is buying another hot sauce. Brand talulah for eight hundred million dollars and shares mccormick backs three years to win. They made that deal. I get that it was a larger amount of money that they were shelling out to buy french francs but the stock was down that day today. Shares up a little bit one two percent and this this seems like a good acquisition. Yeah as they go into the flavors and fragrances Part of the the i'll And expand continue to expand away from the spices where they've already not quite cornered the market although they have twenty percent of global spice market larger percentage of that north america And they have both both branded spices and they do. Lot of the Private label spices as well..

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