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Second Wind and They finally got around replacing them. What this year they've been replaced. Yeah, there's a family guy is three daughters in there. They got the whole southern Twang going and there's another. New? I, o I just want to put this other because I'm excited even so last chance US coming back very excited, and it's from a college I, believe in Oakland, California. And I believe that is where coach J. B. Live. I don't know. Any. Is there any chance that he. He makes. Is it even worth watching if he's not in it? Yes, 'cause it was. It was good with What's his name before coach? But from the trailer I saw? This guy is not like coached, jv or buddy Stevens. Yeah, Buddy also was A. Fucking, fuse, Kinda. Need A to be able to push the the series, but I like just learning about the players like the players are cool. Real football that is true, but the show is a thousand times better if you have. WHO HAVE A? fucking? Pick! A Guy, saying that every ten minutes is dead I needed. Signed Coach J. B. to like twenty five season long deal for slapstick you. It's just gonNA. Be Fallen him around trying to get a new team. Really now. fucking electric. Slab Dick you really. I. Is. So believable. You? Watch fucking guy. We love to watch twenty five years ago shaped. Him. died. At the end of your twenty five, he's scheduled. To. Getting Sonic endorsements and this. This is the last year for football. There are moving to basketball. On that I like that. I mean. You have to isolate it to just basketball. Maybe I bet the rape bill except for season, but also.

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