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And one other thing related to this to a certain extent, Andrew was, as you were explaining, this entire protocol that you put together, you mentioned that you began to run this biohacking group online, which I think is a Facebook group. Can you explain what that is and where that fits into the equation? Yeah, I mean, look, join the I've always been really into optimizing our minds so that we can execute on building these projects. And Kyle, who is also part of the team. And I will like, look, community sourcing these sorts of these sorts of because it's so hard to know what is actually working and what is not. So we decided to put a little group together called the buyer hacking group or by a hacking group dot com on and it was just a Facebook group. And you really exploded and so now it's a pretty active group. We've met a lot of great friends through it. And we kind of share tips and tricks that help us sort of use biohacking and use health to optimize, not just our business life, but our wildlife. And that's kind of an interesting theme because I consider, for example, my relationship to Jordan, my health, my romantic relationships, and or the general view of my life as a kind of more complete approach. And so by hacking is a part of that, but very important part of it as health is. And that's kind of the auspices and the sort of feel of that group. Yeah, Jordan, by the way, Andrew described you a few minutes ago. I don't know if you heard this as hardcore keto. What exactly, what exactly is he talking about there? Yeah, so, you know, it's funny because our worlds really, really collided. I used to be really overweight. I mean, just not a healthy guy. I'm already not on a big frame. I'm like a 5 foot 5 on a good day. You know, height wise. And I'm from buffalo, New York. I just kind of grew up on the classic American diet. I want a ten kids, three brothers, 6 sisters. And my mom always just made one thing for dinner. You know, I like to joke. The reason I often get compliments, people are like, hey, you can pitch, you got a good sales pitch. And I'm like, yeah, that's because I always had to sell my brothers and sisters to convince my mom to make what I wanted to have for dinner, which was kind of always like pasta or something really starchy. I gained a lot of weight. I just, I don't think I ever really understood what nutrition was. I didn't really know what a carbohydrate was. And I made this pretty rash life change. I left, didn't finish school, and really before I was 20, I ended up moving to Budapest Hungary. Somewhat random. I heard there was cheap beer and beautiful women. Turns out that's true. But leaving, I think my American dietary lifestyle and going to a place with a lot less genetically modified food, much more of like that whole like farm to table culture. I quickly realized like, wow, I'm eating a lot of packaged goods coming from the states. There's started eating a lot more produce. I learned what a whole foods diet could be. And then I found this thing. I don't want to hype it up. It's called CrossFit, probably heard of it. But it was just high intensity intervals. Never heard of it. Nobody who does it ever talks about it so it's kind of like a secret. It's like veganism. Exactly. It's kind of like a good secret. So, you know, I don't want to hype it up or promote it, but what I liked about it was it was the first time that you kind of get what CrossFit does so well is you finish a workout. You look like an absolute idiot. I mean, there were women in this class squatting more than me. I know like strength whatsoever. And then I ended up working up to squatting more than 2.5 times my body weight. And in that process, it's just, you know, it's all of this high 5s, high 5s. You kind of get that they build community Andrew's talking about biohacking community and coming together. I think CrossFit got that really great. So here's this gym that welcomed me in. It was called Reebok CrossFit. If you're in Budapest, there's not that many CrossFit gyms. So this is an amazing one to drop in on. And they're the only one in Budapest that had English speaking classes. So started working out and then all of a sudden I find Andrew, I think it was probably you who brought this to me. But this whole notion of eating a high fat diet started reading up on it and yeah, I got really religious on it. I've got, I think I have three different devices to take my ketone levels. I do it while I travel, actually, I have a rule when I travel now, when I'm on a flight, I use it as a fasting day. So I fast, I fasted the entire way to actually did a 96 hour fast to fly to Amsterdam from New York while I was living in New York, gave a speech on hedera and blockchain and cryptocurrency at a conference, didn't eat anything while I was in Amsterdam, which was somewhat challenging because I did make it to one of those coffee shops and did smoke some of that stuff. And I got super hungry, but didn't eat and flew back to the states. And I love how I feel with ketones in my body. I love how my brain operates. I have all of this mental clarity and focus. I don't think the diet is one size fits all for everyone, but for me, and for my body type, I think I got rid of all of that inflammation. And I generally feel healthier, which was new for me. Coming from buffalo eating chicken wings. Yeah. Yeah, totally. And I mean, honestly, you know, a big part of it is, of course, the elimination of the things that you would have been eating on a non ketogenic, you know, it sounds like a standard American buffalo wing diet. But a big part of it is, of course, also the upregulation of ketone bodies. I personally, I've talked about this before on the podcast..

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