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He's got in that is hilarious and then call me guiding now see my face Salim myself be molded and manipulated now I'm terrified yeah that is quite astonishing you even blinking it's hard to believe what your eyes are saying and sorry Mike but I did get a bit carried away with a less and we give me sing and Nancy Sinatra's I payment change. yeah. he will do that way. he would always winning the fight. shutting down buying bags. okay fun stuff but let's get back to the serious point what our research is doing to detect defects well it all comes down to algorithms and declining if the machines have enough data they know what is a deep fake how to make a deep fake and yes how to detect a deep like many expect in this field of training like how Lee the A. I. expert from the university of southern California if you want to be able to detect the face you need to be able to generate really realistic ones this is how these algorithms work so that's another reason why you have to push this technology to see what is even possible Sir what how and other research is a doing is working together one group will make the deep fake and the other group will find out how it was created what we're looking at are basically what we call the soft biometrics which is what our unique motion signatures of the person that says you can obviously tell that this is certainly not how Donald Trump woods say things this is not how putting moves right so micro expressions hold certain actions correlate with each other these little tiny trait so motions maybe not even noticeable by humans the way people look when they talk and the way they show expression on the computer that can be trained to pick these up interesting but it sounds like these researchers are playing cat and mouse with each other in learning to detect defects it's got the attention of social media giants such as Facebook who will be launching later this year the deep fake detection challenge working with artificial intelligence experts from around the world in creating a database for deep face battling Hans that detection we believe that to if we will be able to build a detector that can you know robustly detect the. FAQ does I'm laughing because you know in principle it is very difficult the more we develop the detectors the more the technology for production of a credo three lecture to be able to anticipate how we detect if they could also eat these really the chicken and egg.

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