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Sportscenter. ESPN radio. Sportscenter. Steve Lennox killers may be without Ben Rothlisberger Sunday Packers might be without their starting quarterback. Aaron Rodgers Burr Aaron Rodgers Rothlisberger did return to practice. Friday. Teammates expected to play Sunday against the chiefs, including his top target Antonio Brown. No, he's not ordinary ordinary. We have two different. Come from Rogers today listed as questionable for Sunday's home game against the Minnesota Vikings. Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone in week six last season against Minnesota. He is not practiced this week Bengals off to a two zero start after Thursday's victory against Baltimore. Running back. Joe mixon scheduled to have a procedure on his right knee Saturday. Nixon is expected to miss two weeks down according to ESPN, Adam Schefter, ESPN steel gates reporting today, free agent linebacker Ahmad Brooks suspended for the first six weeks of the season college football on ESPN from Memphis tonight, late second quarter, Memphis leading thirty five ten Georgia state quarterback Brady whiteboard. Touchdown passes. Durell Henderson one hundred and seventy one yards rushing on eleven carries baseball from Fenway Mets up five nothing on the Red Sox. Jay, Bruce, RBI double a three run home run Yankees in the Bronx five in the first three more in the third now up ain't nothing in the fourth on the blue..

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