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Shield don't paint don't vinyl go rhino wbz news time eight oh six police investigating a double murder in las vegas to tourists from vietnam were found stabbed to death at the circus circus hotel lieutenant ray spencer says the couple were discovered in their wrong it's an isolated incident in one room there's no threat to anybody in the hotel operations that are going on as normal at the property and i would tell you most guests are probably completely unaware of the incident investigators are still on the scene a california court on seals the warrants in the golden state killer case the warrants were used against former police officer joseph di angelo and involve evidence in over a dozen killings and fifty rapes in ten counties abc's mark remillard is in sacramento one hundred sixty seven pages of documents were unsealed friday and detail how thorns gathered the evidence that led them to arrest joseph di angelo the man they say is responsible for more than fifty rapes in at least a dozen murders after a thorns identified the angelo is a suspect using genealogy websites the warrant says dna from a piece of tissue thrown in his trash can was then compared to dna collected from some of the golden state killer crime scenes that led police to put cuffs on the angelo who now faces several murder charges mark remillard abc news wbz news time eight oh seven we'll check business news with bloomberg coming out if you're like me you're constantly outside maybe working on the yard playing with the kids or just enjoying the sun and while you're doing it you wanna like what you're looking at i'm talking about your house now is the perfect time to get some new paint outside or inside certapro painters are the people to contact i you sort.

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