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Out to the website he's got three receivers that side shotgun step comes just i pressure comic keita hit us he throws towards the end zone with attached thoughts download the case keno took his shot what did it either the outstretched arms of his tight end kyle rudolph twenty two yard touchdown and the vikings late at night team to three kevin cooper the call right here on westwood one them throws reduce scores runs for another the vikings when their seventh in a row to go to ninety two thirty to 23 the final score and the only chargers playing for the first time i am thanks giving you know the dallas cowboys play on that day every year over it certainly look the opposite way around especially would philip rivers who's looking for and out empty river switchback pressure cutting fires four levkovich please continue to fifty six dancers italy for ducks down tweeted out alan cooke forty three yards out features laws the entire cowboy deep heads might have won the game it's twenty two to six nine fifty years ago the fourth quarter judge sadek right here on westwood one georges when a twenty eight to six rivers rose three touchdowns allen eleven catches for one hundred seventy two yards of the score the dallas cowboys fogged five and six without loss and the washington redskins trying to stay alive in the playoff race had to come up big in the fourth quarter kirk cousins did just that against the new york giants receivers left here i by himself in the back and a cousin celta cousin throws tunes to lead oh strike from kirk cousins legal the call here on westwood one that is working with three thirty wanted to go to put washington in front of the ballgame they were both wanted to add a field goal they win the game by a score of twenty two ten so washington now at five and six still very much alive in the nfc playoff races they get ready for the cowboys next week coming up we'll find out at the packers can bounce back when they face the steelers on sunday night football it's time for some straight tung some people are big time data users home i'm not so much we'll straight talk wireless as unlimited plans of all sizes like.

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