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To take advantage of the text services that you just described. You just have to be aware that they're there and then look for them and then look for them when you're shopping for applications that this application support these things and if it does send a note to the developer and say you know i really liked your application because you offer services sal. Can you tell lies in. Why is this in the keyboard menu. Well like every big company. Things go are developed with the process when when you're part of the organization like apple like the automation team. Was you know we get to contribute to A lot of different scenarios and components the operating system but they're all expressed through a very specific window like the system preferences app. Sure and you know there's forces there's there's reasons why they make it difficult for you to get into the system preference because they don't want overload because they have to consider the users on a really global viewpoint and as cool as we think services are and believe in know that they are you. They wouldn't give us our own system preference pane we had one. We designed it to make it easier to get these things to sort them to do all the kind of things you need to do. But it ended up the they didn't wanna give that to us so they kind of shoehorned us in there with keyboard under something called shortcuts and then in that became another list called services and then all all the functionality was in there we used to have We designed assistant preference pane for all the automation stuff. So that would be much easier to access your folder actions of apple script parameters all kinds of stuff and services but we were never allowed to actually include that in the operating system and apple wasn't big on the idea of providing it is download and they didn't want this whole thing to be overloaded. I guess i think it should have been provided as a download or installed in may be disabled by default. And you could turn it on. Or i don't know i always thought that That that's a problem when it comes to automation is how do you explain it to people in a way that they understand. Your podcast is provided the opportunity for your audience to get a better understanding of what it is and where to look for it and when you're a big company like apple and you're trying to keep your message you no doubt to wanted to three catchphrases how to mation is never never usually there. It was a rare occurrence. When i walked in to the convention hall at dub dub dc and there was a twenty foot tall banner auto of the automated. That was a rare occurrence when we got on stage. And you know we were on the the box that was a rare occurrence. Most of the time automation isn't One of the features that they push they should. It's very sticky and people love it but it's not one that they market all right so listeners. I'm i'm giving you a treasure map right now. And i guarantee you if you go to the x. And dig you'll find gold toe you gotta preferences keyboard shortcuts and services and then you get all of this this gold all these services available to you. Select the ones that you want to use on. Select the ones. Don't the ones you wanna use daily. Put a keyboard shortcut. You don't have to do any scripting you don't have to do any terminals stuff you just turn these things on. And they're waiting there for you so there's your gold in that amazing. Yeah all that stuff right there. The other thing totally unrelated if someone said dave. I'm giving you the keys to apple for one day. I really think i would use that day. Redesigning the preferences menu. I i just i don't understand it i look at it. I don't know how everything fits together. i would. i would redo it. I'd probably actually hire steven to do. Is what i would do. It does have that dorm room closet. Look to it doesn't it it. It says the preferences I think it's long overdue for a an overhaul and i would put. I would put services right up front. Man i would give you your your preference pane. Yep yep you know. That's i i believe so automation. Everybody loves automation in. Everybody uses in the fact. That shortcuts is so popular. It really took off you know. It was just so heartening to see our ian. The team bring that tai os and then to see people just fall in love with the ability of wait a minute. I can make a do what i wanna do and i can do it on my phone and then watch people talking about it into realize we're all stuff this stuff came from and how it got to be what it is. But then people watching people use it. Who would have never sat down and written code or anything but all of a sudden are putting together these little components to make their own automation recipes and executing a monitor phone without thinking about. Yeah that is really gratifying. To say and the team has done a wonderful job with it. And i'm looking forward to see what they have coming up and when my teenage daughter asked me for access to my shortcuts field guide. Wow shortcuts is really. It's really here now. I mean i think part of it is the the you know the customization of the app icons and stuff like that but then once you once you open it up then the world's royster to realize how how useful it is one thing about services though i want to tell people is this does not sink across if you have multiple max so like once. You set up your services on your.

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