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W. D. CBS we are coming right up on WTOP were the time now is for forty eight good to use traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks are traveling on the bell infringing on together just after at seven exit forty seven in Tyson's still getting buyers cry and I she should say tractor trailer fire cleanup from last night's tractor trailer which occurred after nine o'clock last night clean up operations continue stay left to get by again if you're coming off of route seven you have to merge early in the through traffic so do so carefully Lister is found an incident on the island before Connecticut Avenue it was on the left side crowding the last name but can no firm word that anything is still out there just be careful if you're headed over that way I don't have just the four Connecticut Avenue now he's driving to seventy south of Frederick doubts about we good start no incidents both I. ninety five the Baltimore Washington parkway in good shape getting down to the valley parkway was moving well inside about we headed down toward the district line as a traveling I tour from the eastern shore of the overnight work at the bay bridge cleared sometime ago got two lines available in both directions and so far no significant delays in the district of Metropolitan Police route with an incident on east capitol street between twenty second and nineteenth streets in southeast between the old RFK stadium and DC armory so again watch for police traction out there as a result in our back in the day in the district a DC ten ninety five I. two ninety five and I'm with well so the park lane south capitol street were without early issue if you're in doubt on your cabinet was good and you're in good shape headed over toward the third street tunnel rich hundred WTOP traffic loudest Gozen southwest breezes have allowed for a very mild start this morning temperatures are in the fifties across the area it will be a mild day all the way through southwest winds today twenty to thirty miles per hour at times so breezy for sure today's high sixty nine degrees showers this morning and maybe even a rumble or two of thunder late this afternoon and this evening I'm starting for meteorologist Chuck bell for WTOP right now we are looking at fifty nine degrees outside the WTO P. studios in northwest DC brought to you by a patient first physicians X. rays lab tests prescription drug struck about twenty DC metro area medical center's patient first dot com good morning Alice what's your saying on your commute call the WTOP traffic center at eight six six three zero for WTOP Washington's top news traffic and weather keeping you informed twenty four seven three sixty five as if the coronavirus wasn't enough trouble for the stock market our concern about how low the price of gold or it will go the president promises to meet the corona virus and on we are going to take care of the American public and the American economy six more states will the biggest prize Michigan the polls here are giving Joe Biden big leads over Bernie Sanders this is the CBS world news roundup with correspondent Jim Chevy it was the toughest day for investors since the two thousand eight financial crisis the three major stock indexes all down more than seven percent CBS news business analyst Jill Slazenger says a twenty four percent drop in oil prices was the main catalyst that Chinese demand plummeted for energy we had seen the crude oil D. percent through Friday's close the thing that change though was we.

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