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Johnston now But charlie appleby is is getting a lot of talent and now it appears cy is getting a talent as well. But frankie riding winners four john gosden at the insistence that john gosden say will frankie's my jockey so he's writing not stash and I think that's what got him back in favour. But it is very clearly as i eat thing and i i don't think they ever fell out and So i said to today with those. That frank is the best jockey in the world. But i i think he's particularly good in in these big occasions just Who was it who said that. So when he goes ask it for example he'd really genuinely believes that everybody all sixty thousand people they have to see him at. It's no bad thing I think probably fifty five sub. Yeah and these racing ascot an long shown is they ask it of disney and a big occasion. He's he's a great writer on the big stage and he will enhance the chances of real well too although it has to be said that market has running in. This season is a very talented young jockey but i can kind of done. This is no reflection on markowitz. All he said he's extremely good writer. Now and it will be even better in the future and but franken tori at long. Yup you gotta say is the real what has not enhanced. His chances is the rain. I think he's he's good false. Grant and i think the revenue absolutely wallows in the mud and go talk last form and therefore i think we've got a very good favourite here in the reverence and i expected to. Oh okay so he be doing the hatrick then. The revenue this for the third year in a row so perhaps he will Century dream in there as well Our old friend. Victor latorre back once again only only linked a half off by last time. So maybe but i think i need to jump off that train before i get seriously seriously financially art What is your best bet of the weekend sir. Oh i'm going to die alone quick hand when you've got a the pre-departure trail it would be a an error of judgement to pick anything in any other racist rather hoping that you'll get a go for the same race. Day are for me to add the arc to the king george and the dhabi three zero five at lunch or otherwise known as the glitzy pre lot to trump. Well given the fact that you've done that. I feel compelled to orleans choice other than to declare war. Tell you that it's going to be snow everywhere. It's going to be snow all over the place. They're going to be playing that song yet again. How many times is when. When was the last time we played snow. Informer on the on the phone from podcast To all is desperately rushing. Try and get it now Icu icu if you get this up I'll be very impressed. By the way he managed to get that open time. I will be hugely impressed but with snowfall on. I've got to be a just think she is. She is the true classic winter. Winter is coming and It's going to be hard. It's going to be able to her. I i'm very excited about seeing which you can do and And bouncing dot. You didn't get it did you you. There's no way you got that. There's no way got it. What what did i miss. Can't believe it like do is. He's an informer snow playing this out as snowfall. Who comes in you know when she won the The the yorkshire oaks and at your. They play a piece of an appropriate piece of music when the wind comes in to the winners enclosure there and when snowfall one we rule expecting. I dunno white christmas. A frosty the snowman weird in the middle of august. But that's what we're expecting. In fact they played another completely different song. And we're still trying to work out what it was well. If it's not listen york not me. How could you not play this. It's just so simple. I'm pretty certain that each morning. She's doing her workouts. They've got the airport maxine. What a bangor. Banger snowfall wins. That is the theme that needs to be played as she just comes. Thundering down the party longchamp turf to go and claim or arc-de-triomphe and her glorious victory. that's it thank you. so much lee mckenzie. It's been an absolute pleasure. You can check out tote dakota uk or totally for more information on offers that they have rory delara returns to the show on monday to review the action as we look back and see where we right where we rung. No we were right. We got it all right and Whenever leeann i agreed we absolutely got it spot on leeann. I are back on talksport next week. And i am sending in for the and in control of the show dear godly. What have you done quite. you'll be sitting in the present check. Yes scarfs will be in control of the show. I suppose he's the one who's actually pushing the buttons and has the control of the dump in world if needed but yeah. We're looking forward to that. We'll be friday and We've got cracking couple of cards to look at so Yeah a lot of fun to look forward. You also special final foreign podcasts. Coming your way to make sure you watch out for that and most important of all give it up for lee mckenzie with a top class performance yet again on the final furlong podcast. My friend enjoy your weekend. Pleasure as always. It's great fun and thank you for listening to the show if you like it Retweeted on social media like it on social media. Make sure you hit the subscribe button. Hit the reviews on whatever podcast app. It is that you're listening.

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